So, a Week from Today…

moving house, moving belongings into storage

Our house settled 9 weeks ago. It’s been 9 weeks since we moved all of our belongings into a storage shed. 9 weeks since we have been able to pop down the coast and have a break from this whole ‘living together’ thing and now it’s a week until we will move into our first ever rental.

It’s exciting and scary all at once. Especially given that we saw a few houses around the same time as we looked at the one we have been accepted for and neither of us actually remember much, if anything, about this one.

It’s a bit of a surprise move…

It has a dishwasher, a proper clothes line and space for us to just be and that is all I care about right now. I have so many ideas, so many plans. Separate rooms for the girls, Jasper finally into the cot – the poor boy has slept in a porta cot since moving out of his bassinet, a desk for me to have my own space, my own kitchen… I could go on.

And then there’s the other side, as rental virgins neither James or I really know what to expect and also there’s the questions of “what did that house look like again?” or “It had a bath, right?” (surely…) and there’s the unknown. We know how life in this town works while living with Nanna, what exactly will life look like once we’re in our own place? I like to imagine perfect order, a return to good sleep habits for my girls, dinners at 6pm again and so on, but I may well have an overactive imagination.

Still, I can hope.

It’s been a long road to here. We have been living with my mum since March. I remember scoffing when James suggested we’d be here for at least 6 months. I thought he was nuts. And since selling our house searching for a house to rent has been stress after stress. I didn’t know having a cat would be such a problem, however, he was sited as the reason for us losing a total of three houses. Poor love isn’t really that bad.

So, a week from today I will be starting the other half of the move we started in August (or in March if you want to be technical).

Has it ever taken you this long to move house? Do you rent? What am I getting myself into?


  1. We rent and have done for the last seven years or so. Its actually not that bad. If the boiler breaks down or the roof leaks, you just ring the agent and they send someone to repair it… hopefully straight away. I reckon you’ll be just fine! 🙂 Happy moving!

  2. Hahaha, firstly congrats on the new place and on the new start! Secondly, welcome to rents-ville! Just what Little Gumnut said… it has its positives and you’ll be fine! Can’t wait for photos! 😉

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