Something Wicked This Way Comes – My Thoughts on Halloween

Halloween Party, Children's Halloween Party, Jack-o-lantern Face Painting

Recently I put on a little Halloween Party for the children, myself and the rest of my family (hubs, Mum, brother), I painted the kids faces, they painted mine, we dressed up, I decorated the house and James carved a Pumpkin. I even shared some (very) simple recipes for Halloween Treats.

I have never been to a Halloween party before (never been to any kind of dress up party, really), I’ve never had anything to do with it and until this year I never really thought about it.

For me, this year our party wasn’t about ‘celebrating’ a holiday which doesn’t originate here (though, how many holidays really do?) but more of a bit of fun after some long months. My girls love to dress up, they love to have a party and it’s an extension of what we’ve been doing as part of some of our DVD reviews.

Carved Pumpkin, Jack-o-lantern, Halloween Pumpkin

While my decorations were Halloween themed, they were fun and not scary. When my girls are a little older (probably next year for Ellie) we will talk about the origins of Halloween, because even though it’s not widely celebrated here it is on the rise whether we are comfortable with (or ready for) that or not.

The parties, trick or treating and general exuberance surrounding All Hallows Eve seems to be born of our misunderstanding of exactly where this tradition originates and what Halloween is actually about. I have read some great posts about the true origins, check these out if you’re interested; Just Us Kids Online, Puddles and Gumboots and Mummy to Five.

The things I have learned this year have changed my thoughts surrounding Halloween somewhat, instead of seeing it as a festival to celebrate all things dark and evil, I now realise it’s more about the changing of the seasons.

I think it’s an important step to understand the origins of something before we celebrate it. Or write it off.

We enjoyed our little party and we may well make it a tradition to do one yearly, however that remains to be seen. We won’t be branching out into Trick or Treating as that doesn’t sit well with me, I would not feel comfortable with sending my children out to knock on people’s doors for lollies, especially given that it’s hit and miss in Australia. Plus, I just don’t feel it’s necessary for my children. Obviously, that will be something we will have to tackle once they’re older.

One of the lessons I want to teach my children is that whether you celebrate or not it’s important to accept other people’s beliefs and respect that they do things differently to you. Tolerance can be hard to come by (in my experience) and I want them to know that it’s okay, not only for others to be different to us, but for us to be different to others. That our differences and choices should be respected.

Halloween Face Painting

What are your thoughts?




A big thanks again to Porter Novelli for making this party possible as part of our Spooky Buddies Blu-ray and DVD review.


  1. So true Becky! It is on the rise in Australia! Last year we had about 30 trick or treaters come to our door – and I wasn’t prepared! Im definatly prepared this year though! The kids that came all had their parents that stood at the end of my driveway – which could be something you could consider in a few years if the girls really want to do it!

    • Hey Amanda – I was excited to see your comment! That’s what the parents from our old town used to do, too. I am guessing we will have to make new rules and maybe compromises when the kids are bigger… but, I don’t know if I would be comfortable still.
      I hope you’re feeling well, so excited to hear your news x

  2. To be honest I’m not big on Halloween – but it’s because it’s my birthday and I don’t want to share!! LOL.

    • I completely understand that, Caz! I would hate to have to share with something else. I have a great uncle who was born Christmas day and I have always thought that to be SO sad!
      I hope you had a lovely day x

  3. Let children have innocent fun while they can! Good on you for enjoying a celebration with your children.

    • Thanks Kay!

      I used to think I would be pretty strict and anti these things. I never grew up believing in Santa or doing any of this stuff and I just assumed I would parent the same way but I enjoy letting them be children and experiencing these things.


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