Is It Over Yet?

The end of 2010 and most of 2011 has been pretty sucky. It has felt like one thing after another and I have been looking forward to the end of the year, just to be rid of it all and start again.

It seems, however, that the closer we get to the end of the year, the more there is to throw in the heap that I want to move on from. Maybe they’re little things getting me down because so much has gone before, I don’t know.

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We finally had a house, things were looking up and then both blogs were hacked. I was crushed. Without internet, getting the sites cleaned took more time than I liked and we’re still in an ‘ugly’ stage as it’s too hard until we’re connected. On the up side, we will be hosting a relaunch party for when we’re all beautified – it’s time for some happiness!

Then there was the furniture debacle. We’ve had to return to Sydney twice now, since buying our new furniture on the 4th of November. It’s tiring. It’s expensive and I had much better ideas of how to spend those days.

Now, I am laid up with a busted knee. I would love to have a great story of how it happened, unfortunately, I was cleaning the kitchen and fell victim to my own unco-ness. Three kids and an unco mumma on crutches is an interesting learning curve.

We’re all pretty bored, especially with the rain bucketing down outside.

But, today I am crushed as three of our eight puppies have been stolen. One of which was the pup we were hoping to keep. I’ve already mentioned that I’m quite attached and was gently making myself get used to the fact that, firstly, we had to leave them when we moved out of mum’s and secondly, that we would have to let them go to other homes when they were old enough.

Puppies, stolen puppies, eight puppies, baby and puppies

It’s been a nice break to not be caring for them, I’ll be honest, but I have missed them and we all loved visiting them at Nanna’s.

It’s heartbreaking to know that someone has come in and taken three, leaving the remaining five distress and their mother depressed. They’re basically ready to go to other houses, that’s what makes me maddest of all. Why not just come and ask us about them? Seriously??

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