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I came to the whole Twilight phenomenon quite late. The first movie had already come out and the world was already siding with either Edward, Jacob or taking the anti-Twilight stance.

I’d been living under a rock and knew nothing more than the fact that I was looking for something to read and those around me were touting them as a ‘must read’. In fact, by the time I had read them for the first time, I am certain some of those had already read the series 8 – 10 times. Really.

I wasn’t convinced I would love it.

But, I did. Maybe the books aren’t a perfect literary masterpiece, who cares? As a reader, I want to be taken to another world and live a life unlike my own. I want to feel things for the characters, feel what they’re going through and have a passion for what happens next. I want to be chewing on my lip, holding my breath and be unable to put the book down.

And I was.

It doesn’t matter to me that this series was written for teenage girls. The words on the page took me in and I connected.

I’m team Edward, though once I read all the books I saw Jacob differently and no longer found him annoying and out of line. By the end I knew his motivations and it changed my perception, allowing me to enjoy his character in the movies in a way I hadn’t been able to in the books.

Yes. Hi, my name is Becky and I am a Twihard.

I’m okay with the fact that getting excited about a teen flick is a little daggy. I’m okay that other people my age aren’t interested in reading these books that I love so.

People ask me “But why do you love them?” and apart from what I mentioned above, I guess I am that girl who likes a bit of romance. Who doesn’t want an Edward, who is all about Bella once he’s met her? Who doesn’t want to be swept of their feet by a tall, dark and handsome man. Oh, wait… By a tall, white and sparkly man.

I have heard the debates. I have heard the cries of why would you choose Edward over Mister Darcy? While I am not sure why that is even a question (why do I have to choose one over the other?), the fact is I would. There are negatives to Edward’s character, of course, a perfect character would be annoying and stupid but I have forever and always found Mister Darcy to be arrogant and disinterested. Unless played by Colin Firth, obviously. I would prefer passion and romance over that any day. Though, maybe not the obsession thing.

Are you a fan?
And please be nice, whether you are or aren’t – tomorrow I am talking about Twilight and Bullying




  1. Hi, my name is Jane and i to am a Twihard. Hehe 😛

    I am an ‘inbetweener’ with the whole Edward, Jacob thing.
    I’m looking forward to the last part of Breaking Dawn.

    • Glad I am not alone, Jane! I can’t believe we have to wait a year for the end. So mean!

  2. I am a total TwiMum. I live blogged last time it was on telly with my justifications 😉

    And yes it is possible to be both an English teacher and a Twihard. Challenging but possible.

    • I read that post, Kate and was completely and utterly relieved that I wouldn’t seem too lame when I posted about this!! lol.

  3. I read the first book and then told my boyfriend to stick me in a home if i ever said i wanted to read another! Not a fan at all, but appreciate the broad appeal that they have.

    Really can’t stand the people who are “obsessed” and “in love” with Edward or whoever. Everything in moderation, including movie character infatuation!

    • Thanks for sharing your opinion, Natalie.

      Some people are over the top, aren’t they? I love to go to midnight screenings, just because they’re something different from everyday life but because of the ‘extreme’ fans we have skipped them so far. It just gets a little much!

  4. I am a fan. I didn’t read the first book until the 2nd or 3rd movie can’t remember. Once I read the books I fell in love with the character of Edward because I think to find someone in real life who could be that in love with you and would do anything for you would be amazing, although not really reality (and not just because he is a vampire) I think the books are better though much more detail and understanding of the characters. Although I don’t mind looking at Robert Patterson for a couple of hours! lol 🙂

    • That is certainly what makes Edward my favourite, not because he’s a vamp (although, I do love vampires), but the devotion and love and foreverness (totally a word). It’s a nice fairy tale!
      I agree, the books are better, but a little bit of RPatz never hurts 😉

  5. Yuo are so not alone Becky! Hi my name is Elise, and I am a 30 year old Twihard with no shame whatsoever. Give me eternal love anytime. If you loved the twilight series, you should also like her other book The Host. It was a massive tearjerker, 3 reads later and I still sob.

    • So glad to be finding I am among others in this.
      I actually do have The Host, but after I got that I had more babies and I haven’t picked it up. Might have to make time to read it soon!

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