Twilight and Bullying

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Yesterday, I shared my love of the Twilight books. I didn’t go into my thoughts on the movies so much other than to say I was excited about it’s release.

Obviously, the book is always better than the movie, but I enjoy the movies, too.

The recent release of Breaking Dawn Part 1 in the cinemas has made me think a lot about how people act when they have a differing opinion to that of others.

As the date of release approached, many excited posts and status’ started popping up. Peppered in amongst the other excited replies, there would more often than not be insults and attacks directed towards the excited party by their ‘friends’.

It didn’t seem to matter the age of the poster or the attacker. Many grown women blasted another grown woman in the guise of stating their opinion, but it was more than that.

Once the movie was mere days away nasty status updates from anti-Twilight fans started and fans felt the need to defend themselves.

Name calling, nasty insinuations and suggestions that Twilight fans are literary idiots among other insults were brandied about and while I wasn’t part of any of these discussions or attacked personally I watched in horror.

Not because I was also excited about the movie. Not even because I am a fan of the books.

My issue is that something so trivial can bring out the worst in people. I am all for others sharing their opinion and I love to hear those who differ in their thoughts to me. I am okay with you not being into Twilight, it actually doesn’t effect me at all. I probably don’t like some of the things that get you excited and that’s okay too.

Everyone gets something different out of the things they watch, read or listen to. I love to hear what others get from different stories. I love to dissect a movie once we’ve watched one, find out who liked it, who hated it and why.

A lively debate about why you liked something while another didn’t is always fun and enlightening, however, I do not see any reason for personal attacks and name calling.

Why is it that this particular series of books and movies manages to bring out so much venom (excuse the pun)? Is it really just bringing out the true side of people? I mean, it’s just a movie. Or a book. Why the hate?

I have seen the stories on the news of children being bullied, read the posts and heard about the fall out and that has been something that puts fear right through me. I worry about my children, of course I do but what hope do we have a stamping this behaviour out of schools if this is how we, as adults act?

Why should my opinions be deemed more important than yours and even if I do believe that, does it give me the right to make you feel like crap for differing in your thoughts?

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  1. I am with you! I love the movies, they are not amazing movies that are going to change the world but they are fun and fantasy. I am never afraid to share my opinion if I like something that I know others think is terrible but I really hate the high school eye rolls I often get from those who disagree with me. I am in my 30s..high school is over and I wish people would just say that they are not into it but it is ok for me to like it.

    • So glad I am not alone.

      And I love that; ‘high school is over’- it is well and truly over, I don’t really understand why we can’t be more accepting.

  2. Comment take 2!

    I’ve been very absent in twitter lately, so I missed this stuff, but it seems as if the whole world has gone a little crazy! People are being attackers of everything at the moment!
    I’m not a fan of Harry potter, but I’ve never had a go at someone for liking it. It really is so petty and pathetic.

    Thanks for linking up. Sorry it took me so long get around to reading it.

    • It’s so silly that everything has to be berated and torn down!
      So glad that you won’t hate or tease me for my love of Harry Potter. It’s not hard to be tolerant, I wish people would accept and move on.

  3. I am not a fan of twilight at all. I saw the first movie and was not a genre that I got any enjoyment from…I’m more of a blood and guts vampire than a love story vampire story. I rib my friends about liking it, but not in a hurtful way. I would never begrudge them something they love, as I hope they would offer me the same luxury.


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