The BIG GIVE: 4 x PSP-E1000 Prize Packs

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Back in July, I attended a Winter with Sony event where I watched numerous children roaming around playing with PSPs. Unfortunately, my children were at Day Care but I knew that would have been just the same had they been there. So enthralled were those who had them that I had to sneak looks over shoulders and at the very end briefly got my hands on one. I kinda wanted one for myself after that.

Thanks to Sony Computer Entertainment, we have another brilliant giveaway happening! Including a PSP-E1000 and PSP Essentials games and the BEST bit is, we have FOUR packs to giveaway!

Each pack contains;

*  1 x PSP-E1000 valued at $139.95
*  1 x Gran Turismo
*  1 x Motorstorm: Arctic Edge
*  1 x ModNation Racers
*  1 x Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier
*  1 x LittleBigPlanet

That’s hours of fun and play right there.

So, do you want to win one of 4 brilliant new PSPs, the best value on the go gaming along with the top PSP Essentials games? Yes?

To go into the draw to win one of these packs valued at $1073.50, all you have to do is answer the below question in 30 words or less;

What do you wish could be made into a portable device and why?

Entries close midnight December 12th 2011 (AEST, ie Sydney time) and the best answer will win. Please note, entry is only open to Australian residents and be sure I have your contact details in case you win!!

If the prize is not claimed within a week, this competition will be redrawn.

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  1. A portable coffee maker for coffee anywhere and anytime ,yes im a coffeeholic lol 🙂

  2. my coffee machine so that I could have a latte or cappuccino whenever I wanted to!

  3. Air conditioner because i hate the heat and would love a portable one so i can carry it on my back or head to cool me off

  4. My laptop and desk. What a powerful combination, to be able to fold it all up and pop it in my handbag would be a dream.

  5. My husband so that I can pull him out of my handbag to get him to load the groceries into the car.

  6. My house so that when I get tired or its late, I can be there instantaneously to relax and de-stress, to say nothing of the eco savings of using less fuel.

  7. My kid’s school teacher’s, they behave themselves so well at school but as soon as they walk out of that gate there attitude changes instantly.

  8. MY IVF program, it’s a pain searching here there and everywhere for all the things I need.

  9. My brain. Although people would argue it already is portable, I find it always seems to stay behind leaving me clueless 😉

  10. Firstly: Best giveaway ever!

    I would like our fridge to be portable so I never have to make and pack lunches for the family again, or pay cafe prices, $3 a cookie, again!

  11. My bedroom should be foldy
    I’d put it in my pocket.
    And when the kids were stressing me
    I’d whip it out and lock it!

  12. Silly season has begun;
    Shopping centres aren’t much fun;
    With parking wars, circling for hours;
    Portable cars with shrinkable powers;
    Would be wishlist number one;
    Erasing fees, and carpark action!

  13. My car. I suck at parking, and reversing, and going forwards….I just want to fold it up into a bag like George Jetson (but more stylish than his)

  14. My sister who is a GP, I can’t seem to find the time to look after myself properly and she would make sure it happened.

  15. My bed, cause if I cant stay in it all day,id love to take it with me and use it for any spare moment I get!

  16. I wish I could make our Tiolet Portable. The amount of times my Miss 4 needs the loo is unbelievable. As soon as we go somewhere, she needs to go….and actually since having kids I am the same!

  17. The amount of times I wish I could pull my bed out and snuggle into it during my lunch break…if only!

  18. A portable Chef for sure!
    Imagine getting a delicous restaurant quality meal cooked for the family each night? Just brilliant!

  19. Portable naughty corner. Every mother in the world with a three year old will understand why!

  20. Spew, dribble on my clothes,
    Snotty bubbles from their nose.
    How I’d love a cleaning goo,
    to make my clothes as good as new!

  21. With digital TV these days becoming bigger and heavier, would love to fold them up and have the convenience of watching in another room or backyard during summer nights.

  22. Portable playground for the kids and adults to play around with jumping castle, water slides. Excellent for when friends drop by and no need to setup or clean up afterwards!

  23. A mini portable washing machine with built in dryer. How many times do you get some where and the kids are suddenly dirty or that nappy isn’t as absorbent as claimed.

  24. Definitely my bed, I often find myself at work staring out the window, daydreaming away, and wishing I could snuggle down amongst the covers… playing a PSP of course!

  25. I’m sorry for going in this direction , but seriously, sometimes I wish I had a portable loo! There are times when you simply have to go and there are either no loos or no ‘appropriate’ loos. I’m just being honest. I’m sure you can all relate.. 😉

  26. A little entertaining playgym, quick and easy to fold, for a mischevious little 6 months old who tries to espace in public every time we change her nappy – a playgym that folds easily into our nappy bag afterwards to occupy her for the 60 seconds I need to change that nappy!

  27. a mini freezer, something that chills something straight away. Very handy for those last minute sparkling wine purchases on the way to parties.

  28. Would love to be able to fold up my OWN fresh, clean toilet rather than face the smell and surprises of those awful public toilets!

  29. I wish my husband was a portable device, then he would do as I say!!! 🙂

  30. To keep my cool during the hot Chrissy period and not overboil, it would be my air conditioner!

  31. Healthy eating is more convenient with a portable vending machine that provides an abundance of delicious tasting, and nutritious food for people on the go.

  32. My bed as it’s my one love; my soul mate.
    At the end of each day I eagerly await.
    All stress and tiredness it negates.
    For it’s company I can never be late.

  33. My children’s birdcage….Yes they asked can we get a bird and i promise to take care of it and take the cage out everyday…But who has to in the end….Me…Oh well, it is such a beautiful bird but it’s cage is quite big so it would be handy if it could be remote controlled or more portable .

  34. Umbrella-Helicopter. I’d love to hit a button on my umbrella and quickly fly home instead of being stranded waiting for a bus in the rain.

  35. Holidays with kids have been a dreadful journey,
    How I wish for a portable nanny,
    One who is patient, fun and entertaining,
    Ensures my holidays to be miraculously relaxing!

  36. If my German Shepherd was portable
    I’d take him everywhere with me – Yup!
    Carry him around in a designer handbag
    Like a paw-fectly pampered little pup!

  37. A magical, portable cleaning kit? Did the little darling draw on the walls again? Drop food all over her shirt? Does she have paint on her face? Well, with a magical cleaning kit, all your problems would be solved!!

  38. I’d like to make my waterbed portable, I have so much trouble sleeping away from home in an unfamiliar mattress.

  39. My lampshade. Mainly because my style icon has always been Mary Poppins. And who doesn’t want a lampshade in a tapestry bag?!

  40. A portable beach would be perfect for me,
    Where the air is fresh and free.
    The sun and sand brings much delight,
    My kids, this would sure excite!

  41. My car so I don’t have to worry about finding a car park anymore and just pop it in my bag and off I go.

  42. Portable personal “transporter” (a la Star Trek) – punch in desired co-ordinates (aka address) and be instantly transported to wherever you want to go (extra charges apply for Global Roaming).

  43. A portable heater to warm you up on those cold tasmanian mornings while you wait for the bus!

  44. a playground, so when we went somewhere and the kids got bored i could pull it out of my bag

  45. My recliner…love it to be like a transformer, click…and instant comfort anywhere!

  46. A portable mechanic – I’d just pop him in my bag and bring him out whenever my car breaks down, which is embarrassingly often!

  47. A portable wife pleaser (no, nothing dirty!) – a wardrobe that pops up whenever my wife decides her outfit isn’t fit for the occasion and wants to change her clothes!

  48. A portable mechanic – I’d just pop him in my bag and bring him out whenever my car breaks down, which is irritatingly often!

  49. I would like a portable ATM! Why is it that whenever you go to a cash only place, you’ve just run out and there are no ATMs in sight!

  50. It would have to be bookkeeping tool for my business that just automatically reads the accounts and pays bills and does the banking !!!

  51. My teenage son because we always have a fifteen minute ‘discussion’ when going on family outings about why he needs to come!!!

  52. I would love a portable robot maid so she could come everywhere with us and keep up with the mess the kids make!

  53. A portable pillow I can fold up and keep in my pocket so when no one at work is looking I can pull it out and sleep.

  54. My mum, so I could take her wherever I go. She’s my counselor, my motivator, my best friend and the one thing I couldn’t ever live without.

  55. I wish my weight/body fat was portable so I can offload those excess kilos in summer. I need a beach body right now

  56. My desktop computer because if it was portable I’d be able to hide it from the kids and use it myself instead of constantly waiting for it.

  57. My “do not sit anywhere near me” vibe so I can take it on public transport. It currently only seems to work when I am with my teenagers?

  58. The things I’d do to have a portable verison of my mother…
    Of course I’d only take her out of my pocket when something needs cleaning!

  59. A portable set of children’s clothes which would be very handy when my of my kids ruined their outfit with food, dirt or a toilet accident

  60. I wish my sofa could be made into a portable device so that I could sit down in comfort whenever I wanted to.

  61. Myself. I could be everywhere at once then.

  62. A beach side set with deckchairs and rolling waves so that I could enjoy this in my own home.

  63. My job – so when I get sick of it i can just put it in my pocket & forget about it for a while!!

  64. Arriving at the shops, perhaps the park
    Inevitably I hear the dreaded remark –
    “Mummy, I REALLY, REALLY need to do poos!”
    So wish someone could invent tiny portable loos!

  65. My computer. We drive 1hr into town for pre-school daily and I sit and wait 2.5hrs for him to finish. More Becky and James while I wait would be great.

  66. Pod coffee Maker, They make the most amazing coffees and would help me face my peppy children everywhere I go

  67. Is it too awful to say that really a proper portable toilet would save so many panics to find the facilities when out and about in strange places with little ones?

  68. A portable pool because sometimes on those really hot summer days that’s all I think about….

  69. Myself- Then I’d be sleek, stylish and slimline, although hopefully i’d have a long battery life.

  70. Alice from the Brady Bunch as my partner and I have our own Brady Bunch minus the housekeeper.

  71. ATM – I always run out of money at the wrong time, would love to whip one out of my pocket and have instant cash on hand.

  72. A portable bus would be awesome for our extended family, relatives and friends for those trips that take longer than usual as we keep losing one another tailgating!

  73. Portable vacuum cleaner that fits in my pocket so there will never be anymore mess in the car, house, shed and toilet!

  74. Always working on the go, a portable printer would be just perfect.

  75. My grandchild, would love to see him more, I could pop him out and have fun, maybe pop him back if he’s naughty (just kidding)

  76. I wish they’d make a portable device “extra set of hands”. Most things are easier with the kids (especially shopping) with an extra set of hands.

  77. My mother-in-law, so I can whip her out when the kids need a nana and pack her off to someone else when I need my husband back.

  78. A portable communication device, capable of making phone calls anywhere in the world and revolutionising how we stay in contact. Oh wait…that’s my mobile phone.

  79. car… ever since the jetsons..and the suitcase would come in handy too and travelling overseas would be a breeze

  80. Myself!
    Who wouldn’t want to get carried around all the time?

  81. The microwave, this way I could have left overs for lunch & snacks no matter where I was.

  82. The toilet, my toilet. This way my chinese bladder could relieve itself whenever it felt the urge, which is constant, and no more hovering over manky public dunnies!

  83. An 80″ LED TV that folds up to fit in my pocket, opening up and expanding to allow me to play the built in game console any time, anywhere! Ahhh a guy can dream!!

  84. I’d love to minimise my car – pop it in my bag and then when I’m at work, there’s no parking problems and it doesn’t get ‘frosty’ in winter. Then, when it’s time to go home, I’ll wriggle my nose (like Samanatha the witch) and ‘maximise’ my car! Get home, ‘minimise’ again, back in my bag, no garage doors etc.

  85. I wish we could have a portable sales announcing device that shouts: ‘stock is 90% off at out the front of the store’ – to survive the christmas rush!

  86. I wish my home theatre system could be made portable – that way wherever I go somewhere, I can put the music up loud and party with the family and friends I am with!!

  87. The kitchen sink- nothing comes close to good old soap and water when eliminating the dreaded sticky fingers and faces.


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