The BIG GIVE: Cars 2 Prize Pack

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Recently, we were lucky enough to attend a Cars 2 event thrown by the team at Porter Novelli in a penthouse apartment in Sydney. We got to hear about 3D, how it works and the future before watching Cars 2 in 3D in various rooms of the apartment. The children had face painting, balloon fun and played (or bashed with balloons, there’s a fine line) with the lovely Nicole. It was just what we needed and I will be sharing more on this later.

These same ladies have provided me with an awesome Cars 2 prize pack. It’s so good, I have yet to tell James what’s in it because I know he’s going to want it. Unfortunately for him, James from Becky and James entering a competition here might look a little suss.

If you love Lightning McQueen and Mater in their new adventure as they travel the world and get caught up in International Intrigue, adventure, racing and a little romance to boot then this giveaway will thrill you.

The Cars 2 Prize Pack is valued at $177.95  includes;

* Cars 2 Blu-ray and DVD
* Invisible Pen with UV Light set
* Cars 2 watch
* Credit Card Sized USB Flash Drive
* Mini Car toolkit
* Spy Ear Phone

Cars 2 Giveaway

It’s the perfect kit to get you on the road to super spydom.

To find out more about Cars 2, check out my review or visit here.

To go into the draw to win this pack, all you have to do is answer the below question in 30 words or less;

If you were an International Man or Woman of Mystery what would you get up to?

Entries close midnight December 12th 2011 (AEST, ie Sydney time) and the best answer will win. Please note, entry is only open to Australian residents and be sure I have your contact details in case you win!!

If the prize is not claimed within a week, this competition will be redrawn.

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  1. It would be my mission to protect the Eiffel tower from being stolen on my watch, even if this means keeping cover by posing with my husband and kissing

  2. I would sneak into the White House just to see how many rooms were actually used!

  3. mischief

  4. Being an international woman of mystery would make me the perfect first female 007. Move over James!

  5. I’d disguise myself as a man and go on a fishing trip with a bunch of men to try uncover the truth of why men are from Mars.

  6. I’d disguise myself as a taste tester and find out why eating vegemite makes me a happy little vegemite as bright as bright as I can be

  7. I’d be busting all the conspiracy theories open. Roswell, moon landing, JFK – I’d finally know the truth! (I just wouldn’t be able to tell you)

  8. I’d filter money from each Millionare’s accounts and buy a whole heap of toys and share them to all to the disadvantaged children in the world for Christmas!

  9. As an international woman of mystery I would be an undercover Mrs Santa Claus making children’s dreams and wishes come true!

  10. I would be so terribly mysterious that I would hide in my luxury hotel where no one would ever find me, where I could sip on champagne and have spas and massages all day lol

  11. I would discover the mystery of all the missing people in the world so families can be at peace especially on birthdays and at christmas time

  12. I would be travelling the world and making sure that all those remote,unheard of, beautiful destinations were really free from terror ;P

  13. Cross between Austin Powers and 007, incredibly seductive yet have awesome opening dance sequences to my every mission which of course is saving the world!

  14. I am already a international woman of mystery so if i told you what i do i would have to kill you

  15. I would Fuck shit up

  16. I would be Mrs smith, so I get to kiss Brad Pitt!!

  17. Using my invisible pen, I’d write a letter to my partner, boasting to him that I got a car toolkit better then his! While using my new trusty spy ear phone to hear his reading recation.

  18. I’d close the everlastingly debated chapter on the existence of aliens. I’d answer thousands of questions by traveling high and low, and discover if really, we are alone.

  19. I would acquire all the world’s great trade secrets, and establish a rival company. Using this new found wealth, I can live the lifestyle that some spies are accustomed to.

  20. I’d be James Bond, Lightening fast,
    Like a McMissile, racing around,
    sipping Mater Martinis shaken not stirred
    this 007 would be in blu-ray heaven!

  21. Eavesdrop on my mother in laws phone to hear who she is running down on a daily basis, full time work

  22. Wear the most elaborate sexy outfits (like Angelina Joilie in Tomb Raider) and secretly right the wrongs in the world while being paid astronomical amounts. Yeaaa so much fun

  23. As an International Women of Mystery I would find ways to solve the worlds hunger, heal the sick, shelter the homeless. Then in my spare time I would party, drink and be merry with Hugh Jackman.

  24. Mystery, to wreek as much havioc as i possibly could on all those nasty japanese whaleing fleets!

  25. I think not Bond but Austin Powers. Days would be filled solving crimes in suave family friendly ways that are always funny. Violence not required I would disarm with charm.

  26. I would like to discover the mystery of life after death, reuniting with my grandma and best friend, oh how I miss them so!

  27. I would infiltrate Pixar HQ and observe what really goes on behind the scenes!

  28. Would love to see inside some of the fanous peoples houses and see how they live when at home- Buckingham palace might be nice

  29. So many things I could do,
    Where to start – I have no clue.
    Jumping, skiing, flying high,
    No one can catch me in the sky!!

  30. Well, I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you…….

  31. As a International Woman Of Mystery I would spend my days sitting in quiet cafes in Italy sipping espresso and my nights in NYC Time Square enjoying the lights.

  32. Take a lot of international flights to exotic destinations.

  33. Spend too much time drinking cocktails and playing with my gadgets to even save the world. I would make so much use of my underwater car for catching some serious fish!

  34. I would travel the world with lighting McQueen and material like the three muskateers and crack all the mysteries.

  35. thats the mystery part..I cant tell you what kind of man/woman would i be?

  36. Righting the wrongs of betrails…

  37. I would spy to see what everyone is getting for christmas

  38. As an international woman of mystery I would be reporting to secret services about illegal trade.

  39. I would live a double life (or make that a quadruple life) and do 4 different jobs and live in 4 different houses with 4 different men!

  40. As an international man of mystery, I would discover what is REALLY the matter when I ask my wife what’s the matter and she says, “Nothing”.

  41. I would travel the world and play lots games, get into mischief and never take the blame! 🙂

  42. Dress in great disguises travel to distant places and do all the stuff money could now buy. Definately with my family

  43. I would help bring the “bad guys” to justice by getting proof of their bad deeds and help the innocent people that need help and assistance.

  44. Definatley go undercover as a man, travelling to different countries to try and find out what the hell they are thinking!!

  45. I would enchant and mystify everyone, everywhere but remain discreet and an unknown identity.

  46. I,m inquisitive and mesmerized by people and things I am not so
    as. Mysterious woman I,d seek to find out why some people have everything
    and don,t need to work and others have nothing but work their butt off

  47. I would somehow, somewhere finally find the answer to the question that’s bugged me forever, ‘Why do men feel the need to constantly fiddle and adjust themselves, no matter where they are or who is around and they are utterly oblivious to it!’.

  48. Besides having an epically cool name I would travel the globe posing as anyone (from teacher to president of the US) leaving a card behind to help my pursuers 😀

  49. Lots of mischief, with lots of very rich, attractive and handsome men. Make up for that one night stand I never had before getting married.

  50. A lot of nothingness, heaps of relaxation and being pampered by my bevvy of international beauties.


  52. Wink and blow myself kisses whenever I caught sight of my own reflection.

  53. The truth is out there andf I will try to find it.

  54. Woman of Mystery sounds exotic
    Hopefully fun-filled and not tragic
    I’d swan around friends all day
    Acting all knowing and gay

  55. I would spy on the teachers at school and get the answers to all the tests

  56. I would spy on my brothers and watch when they did something wrong and get them into trouble

  57. at bed time i would pretend to be asleep but i would really be playing my DS

  58. i would sneak through food processing factories and see what is actually going in our food and how it is really handled. and then i go to the hospital and see what our surgeons and nurses really get up to behind closed doord.

  59. An International Woman of Mystery, let me think,
    one night without the kids and hubby, I’d put myself into a hotel in Paris, with a great view of the Eiffel Tower at night, I’d have a glass of champagne or two, chocolates and have the bed all to myself and I’d sleep in until no one wakes me.

  60. I would try and get away as much as possible, transform my looks and accent to find out as much as possible for my mission.

  61. I would make it my work to find out who is making a fortune by conning and stealing, take it all from them and give it to those in need.

  62. I would practice my mysterious “mona lisa” smile and not utter a word…Only answer things by shaking or nodding my head and smiling.

  63. Being an international man of mystery, would require me not to disclose as to what I’d be doing. So you didn’t see me here, nor did you see anything but I’d love to win this prize.

  64. play poker with government money, whilst drinking martinis and doing other adult stuff….

  65. As a man of mystery, I would sneak onto the selection panel and choose my blog as the winner, walking away with this great prize, then leave my calling card

  66. I would hide in Santas sleigh on XMAS EVE so I could get to see how he gets around the world in one night!


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