The BIG GIVE: Playstation 3 Pack + PSP-E1000 Pack

So, you’ve entered to win a Playstation 3, Ratchet and Clank All 4 One Pack and then you went and entered to win a PSP-E1000 and Essentials Pack. You wrote amazing entries and thought, “Gee, wouldn’t it be good to win BOTH?”

Well, I had that very same thought. Sony Computer Entertainment still have one of each for me to giveaway, so I thought a DOUBLE PACK would be a brilliant idea.

This pack contains;

PSP-1000 giveaway, PSP-1000 essentials giveaway, PSP-1000 pack giveaway

*  1 x PSP-E1000 valued at $139.95
*  1 x Gran Turismo
*  1 x Motorstorm: Arctic Edge
*  1 x ModNation Racers
*  1 x Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier
*  1 x LittleBigPlanet

* PlayStation 3 (160GB space) console valued at $349.95
* Ratchet & Clank All 4 One game valued at $99.95
* Ratchet & Clank All 4 One T-shirt
* Ratchet & Clank All 4 One Keyring


Win, Playstation 3, Ratchet & Clank All 4 One, Playstation Giveaway

 Are you excited? I AM!

To go into the draw to win this pack, all you have to do is answer the below question in 30 words or less;

WHY should you win this pack??

Entries close midnight December 12th 2011 (AEST, ie Sydney time) and the best answer will win. Please note, entry is only open to Australian residents and be sure I have your contact details in case you win!!

If the prize is not claimed within a week, this competition will be redrawn.

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  1. I am no more deserving than anyone trying to win but my son would love this so much and it will keep him busy for a while !

  2. I feel I am getting old, by my kids I am getting told, I need to stay young, hip and sane, will definitely happen when I play these games!

  3. To have both would bring great joy, to me, my girls and one big boy. Hours of fun and excitement, long journey’s filled by wonderful entertainment.

  4. My life revolves around my kid’s like most mother’s. I love nothing more than seeing them happy. This combo would not only make me the coolest mum but it would also make them the happiest kid’s in the whole wide world.

  5. love to win it and in secret play until i became a master and surprised my hubby that loves it and not be cathergorized any more nas boring lol ill be the champion!!

  6. why would i love to win this pack? one word. Sanity. lol – or at least maybe a moment or two of it 🙂

  7. I want to be the coolest kid in town, or at least the coolest Mum on the block!

  8. Finally, playing with yourself just got family friendly. Gotta love that!

  9. A PSP for the hubby and a PS3 for the twins, means I get a minute to relax or read a book, so everyone wins!

  10. I should win this pack so my son will stop tormenting me with ‘why can’t I have one? all the other kids have one’ just about every day. That’s my best reason.

  11. Excitement,adventure,this console will bring
    Constant entertainment,to stop my children bickering!
    Perfect present,eases my aggravation!
    Hours of fun on PSP and playstation!

  12. To win a prize like this would be a dream
    You would hear me Scream
    Just like Ellen, I am a fan
    Not the twelve days, but I have a plan
    This prize is for my brother Dan!

  13. I should win because this prize would make my Christmas by being able to gift it to my 3 younger brothers and i’m sure would make theirs too.

  14. The scramble’s on making wishes come true
    For boy 1 and boy 2.
    Winning this would be ideal,
    At making my boys wake on Xmas morning with a squeel!

  15. I have entered every comp on the planet to try and win one of these for my partner. We have that many bills at the moment, and for the first time in our entire relationship we aren’t able to buy each other a gift. We can barely afford presents for our children but I won’t let them go without.
    To be able to surprise him with this on Christmas Day would be a bigger gift to me, it would blow him away.

  16. Christmas is for kids, winning a PSP will make the day a joy when with excitement and anticipation my niece opens her gift to see all her wishes come at once. The pleasure and thrilled expression I receive in return is a Christmas gift in itself!

  17. I’d love to win for my man
    He’s working hard as he can
    A teacher, he does lots for folk
    If I said I’d won he’d think it’s a joke!

  18. I would love to win this prize pack because I have 3 teenage grandkids who I need to entertain.

  19. I hate to admit it, but I am a 32 year old child and would love to win this for myself! I can see my husband and I totally fighting over this prize. 😉

  20. Obviously answer is to get a smile from my two sons but wife would love it just as much watching her Twilight movies or some other girly show…Win win for everyone.

  21. Because I sold all my other gaming systems just so I could Buy my Family Christmas Presents and It will keep my family and I busy

  22. My partner thinks he is King of the Games. I have kept silent but now would LOVE to show my skills while I kick his bum!

  23. 2 kids, school holidays and a ps3 with a psp! Happy holidays and goodbye ps1

  24. My xbox broke 🙁
    I am having battlefield 3 withdrawals

  25. birthdays have been completed, bills are piling in, christmas around the corner, and i haven’t bought one thing, how exciting this would be to win this awesome prize a present for the whole family oh how wide will be their eyes!!!

  26. As I approach 60, I am getting old. WWinning this prize would really freek the kids and grand kids out, and restore my totally awesome status. lol.

  27. I can’t think of a good reason why my son & I SHOULDN’T win 🙂 I hope someone very deserving wins this prize, if it was us I would be thrilled to bits and it would make our Christmas, but if we don’t it will be nice to see someone’s Christmas made that little bit extra special 🙂

  28. Because it’s my birthday today!

  29. For my three boys who we moved to Townsville during the wet season and give them something to keep them entertained on those long rainy weeks!

  30. because my young som has permanently borrowed my playstation 2 so i need to win this and perhaps he would like to play swaps

  31. For my sisters who lost their playstation during cyclone Yasi this year. It breaks my heart that my parents didn’t have insurance. I’ve been saving all year to replace it.

  32. my mum passed away, so i would give it to my little brother & sister & make best Christmas ever, so im the best big sister ever

  33. because i am the biggest ps3 fan in the world but some how i haven’t managed to get my hands on the psp seeming as i am fairly poor

  34. I would love to win this because I have recently had my PS3 YLOD on me and cannot afford to replace it since I haven’t been able to find a job. I also give all my money to my mum to help pay the mortgage on my mentally ill brother’s house because she had an injury at work that tore both her should and I have been looking after her while she gets better from the operations that she had to repair them. My PS3 was one small enjoyments I had in my life to help me calm down after a long day. Anyway thanks for reading this I just needed to get it off my chest as well

  35. I think it will be great to have over the holiday seasons to entertain guests.

  36. I would like to win this pack for my 2 daughters. We have never owned a playstation etc before and I know they would have heaps of fun using it. The girls would love it. A great xmas present for them both.

  37. After spoiling the kids, all i can afford to get my husband is a wizz fizz stocking. If I won this for him I would be a star.

  38. Some fabulous family together time
    would come from a PS3,
    But some secret little me time,
    Would be the outcome of a PSP!

  39. Winning this play station would make me the coolest mum in all the nation! The waiting however may cause some frustration but here hoping to a celebration.

  40. with nothing to spend or to play
    i nag my poor mum the whole day,
    but with two fabulous machines
    worth more than my jeans
    i would have nothing negative to say! 🙂

  41. I know that so many other people deserve this prize but it would be so nice to have one thing going for us. It would be our first console and the boys would love it, thanks

  42. I should win this prize pack because my brother really wants a PlayStation console. It would be fun as to rub it in his face. Everyone knows siblings don’t like to fight.

  43. I have 3 brothers. I like theatre, they like football. I like foreign cinema, they like Bruce Willis films. Imagine the brother-bonding this would bring! All 4 one 😉

  44. Many children miss out on Christmas; the wish tree helps those unfortunate children. I deserve because i’d make someone deserving have a great Christmas.

  45. I would be able to escape from the demons that are chasing me, and travel to a world where I can use the special forces that only a PS3 can offer,so I can defeat evil.

  46. My girl keeps harassing me for one saying all the other kids have got one. I just can’t afford it for her, this makes me really sad. I would love to see her lil eyes light up with joy, that would be my chrissy present.

    • My girl keeps harassing me for one saying all the other kids have got one. I just can’t afford it for her, this makes me really sad :(.

      • My girl keeps asking me for one saying all the other kids have got one. I just can’t afford it for her, this makes me really sad .

      • My girl would really love one but i just can’t afford it :(.

  47. Because it means my Christmases will come true with all the boys in my house with these great gifts!

  48. Going into Year 12 next year and never had one of these, would be great to relieve some stress!!!

  49. I would love to win this so I have a gift for my brother who is always sharing with me and is always caring. I love my little bro 🙂

  50. I have been a huge fan of playstation and the rachet and clank games, but since moving out of home I can’t afford to buy them D:

  51. At this joyous time of year, there is no better feeling than giving. I’d really love to be able to make my nephews christmas with this incredible gift.

  52. i should win it because i could make both my bf and my brother happy over Christmas as i cant afford to buy them these items

  53. Being recently made redundant, i can’t afford to buy my son one for xmas, so winning one would be amazing!

  54. I would love to win this because I have always wanted one. I couldn’t tell you how many times I begged for one from my parents, and all my friends had one, but sadly, no luck…

  55. You know that feeling when you were a kid – in a swing.
    The control, the elation, the heights, dreams as trees swayed.
    Playstation is ‘my swing’ (:

  56. I should win this pack because I need proof that Bad luck isn’t real. I’m yet to win one title/prize. Apart from the family lottery. I won that. 😛

  57. My son has been nagging me to get a Playstation 3, he is a good kid with a good heart and deserves one, we have a lot of things to deal with in our lives t the moment but this would really be a load off.

  58. I dont know if I am deserving, but would like to win
    This would be my xmas redemption against the kids, a sin
    They beat me at everything, so I need to try
    and have this for myself and whoop them dry,
    Banjo and Kazooie I came really close
    with Ratchet and clank they will get their dose
    of Yeah!! I beat you look look,
    oh! I can read them like a book!
    A chance at winning salvation
    if I win I will shout out over the nation!!

  59. I want to be the cool aunty but I don’t have kids so there’s nothing for them to play with at my place. Help me.

  60. My son is a famous games developer in the making and he just needs the right equipment to get him started…..:-)

  61. got the boy off the boob, off the bottle, off the dummy, off to bed, now off to school, but for the life of meh I cant get him off my bloody TV…
    This prize could be his suprise, and mine also…

  62. I’m having ankle surgery and will be stuck on the couch and completely boring over Christmas. What a wonderful way to make sure my kids still have a great Christmas!

  63. After a year of have little to no money, my children have been so well behaved and know not to ask for too much as we just don’t have the money available. I don’t deserve this but my little angels do and this would make the best Christmas ever for them.

  64. What a great way to keep the kids quiet at the dinner table so we can all eat in peace.

  65. I actually wouldn’t use it, but my work does lots of charity work with United Way. I work in the community team and would love to donate it!

  66. My Partner deserves this, last month I dropped his Ps3 when moving and now it doesn’t work. He also got MW3 for his birthday a couple of weeks ago and cant play it. 🙁

  67. I’ve never been up to date with consoles, this seems like a great way to be! Back to my playstation 1….

  68. Apart from uni, and being a computer geek, I do not have a life. This little gadget will keep me busy as I love racing games, being a uni student, I cannot afford too many gadgets

  69. It’d be a nice gift for my brother who has had a really bad year. It’s for Christmas and help him realise there are still people who care about him

  70. Always have trouble answering the questions on why do I deserve, why am I more needing than someone else am I maybe/maybe not. But someone has to win

  71. Because I need to spoil my godson for Christmas but I can’t as I move into my new house on 13/12 and built all by myself…

  72. My family has never owned a game console – Wii, Xbox, PS3… it’s about time that we get one!

  73. The Playstation 3 the boys will play,
    The PSP will lead me astray
    Sitting on the couch while the boys are asleep,
    The PSP and I will madly compete!

  74. With a house full of boys,
    Im over noisey truck toys.
    To win a PSP and Playstation 3,
    The silence would be like heaven for me!!

  75. Would love a playstation 3, we’ve only ever had a playstation 1 and my sons psp broke a year ago and he would be thrilled to have a new one.

  76. I think the first manned mission to mars would need this pack!!

  77. Every Christmas son asks Santa for PS3 or PSP, but Santa can’t “deliver” (lack of funds). I ho-ho-hope you’ll play Santa for him this year.

  78. Mission: Christmas Awesomeness
    1.Wake up 7:00am 25.12.11 and present PS3 gift to family.
    2.Bask in the glory
    3.Present 2nd gift of PSP
    4.Repeat step 2
    Mission accomplished

  79. Me and my family would love to win the prize pack because it’s something everyone can enjoy this christmas

  80. I have two boys born 1 year apart, In our house we have to do things in two’s so this package is perfect because there is two of them!

  81. luv to play PS3.M so crazy bout it!wanna win.

  82. I would go from being Nana to being the “Best Nana in The World” if I managed to win this for my grandchildren for Christmas. It would be the best present that they have ever had from me, and would be most deserving for them. They would not expect it, and the smiles on there faces will be a joy to remember.

  83. Why should I win your prize… Well, I can’t say I should win.. but I would defiantly like to. It’s a perfect pick me up just in time for Christmas!

  84. With a 4mth old daughter its only fair that a man gets some quality man time doing man things with men’s toys!

  85. Because my partner and I work really bloody hard for our money, but it always seems to disappear on bills, bills and more bills!

  86. My PSP is looong dead. And My PS3 is on its way to its grave 🙁 What am i going to do!

  87. My partner sold his ps3 to help cover travel expenses my our baby was born prem. It would be awesome to be able to repay him

  88. I’m awesome.
    That’s right. That’s my answer.

    Oh, I’m also deserving.

  89. I should win this prize as a reward for sticking up to my diet and losing all the extra kilos.

  90. With Christmas floods predicted in Queensland again.
    Three children for weeks housebound; I may go insane.
    A PS3 pack would be my greatest entertainment campaign.
    One happy family saved from the rain.

  91. My family could really get it’s game on…but only after the kids have got the dishwasher on, the washing machine on and dog walk on!!

  92. Sparky won’t admit that her loves to play and now our daughter is getting older they can play together and he won’t have to hide it anymore!

  93. With all our Wedding plans we aren’t able to afford Christmas, it would be great to win the PS3 pack to help make Christmas happen.

  94. PSP + PS3 x games – boredom ÷ between family = HOURS OF FUN!!!!

  95. Why should I win?
    Because it would turn me into the
    “Mother of Awesomness”

  96. Mr 7 & 9, kept Chrissy presents from last year to donate to this years wishing tree. Would love to reward them with such a fab prize for their selflessness!

  97. For the sake of keeping my sanity intact by avoiding my siblings’ inevitable seasonal complaints of “I’mmm borrrrrreddd!” and “There’s NOTHING to doooooo”! All. Summer. Long.

  98. With 7 kids in the house, 6 weeks christmas holidays and 2 birthdays at christmas and not much cash to spare the PS3 and PSP would certainly spread the cheer.

  99. I am no important than the next person, but my original playstation from 2001 died last month and needs replacing 🙁

  100. I would like to win this prize so i could give it to my cousin for christmas. She helps me, my mum,my younger siblings and three babys without asking us for stuff and this would show how much she means to us 🙂

  101. I would use this prize for respite breaks for my young children when the weather is inevitably too hot or too wet and cold to play outside

  102. This Christmas all I wish for is very happy kids and some nice times of peace and quiet both of which I will receive if I won this ps3 prize

  103. I should win this prize because it would make my hubby happy forever, and he would never have an excuse (or the time) to whinge at me again!!!!

  104. I should win this wonderful prize because it would get my husband out of my hair and give me time to work on my stories and pursue my writing career.

  105. We don’t have these high tech machines in my family but know my kids would love to have them.

  106. I love, give, bake’n teach,
    work hard, play hard’n try not to preach.
    Wipe bums’n mop floors after toilet training misses,
    I deserve some “thankyou for my playstation” kisses.

  107. I’m sorry, but I have no reason that you’ve already heard

  108. I t would bring joy to our family as any electronic device would be an in this world you need something to entertain the family

  109. I could surprise someone I know with this gift after finally finishing 13 years of schooling.

  110. What a delight it would be
    for my children and me
    to unwrap under the christmas tree
    a pack containing a Playstation and PSP!

  111. 1 kid, 1 *Kid* husband and a 13hour flight to LA. Ahhhh I need all the help I can get!

  112. Help the kids are driving me crazy already.

  113. All my man does is whinge and complain, he needs a PlayStation and his driving me insane. Winning will stop him for awhile, turn the frown into a smile.

  114. Because they are SOOO cool, I have been saving up for ages now and I still don’t have enough money. All my friends have a PSP Or a Playstation 3 and if I got one you don’t know how HAPPY I would be to have it! (:

  115. When I think of all the best things in this world, this is the top of my list. If I was the winner I would be the happiest person EVER!

  116. I am about to embark on a 14 hour car trip with a 6 year old – on one day… in one go.. with only loo stops… anything to keep her occupied would be a welcome addition to our car!!

  117. I so want to win this for my husband to say thankyou for supporting me through horrible pregnancies and my battle through PND. He has been my rock and he is so deserving of a gift like this. He has wanted one for so long.

  118. I previously had a PS3 until it fell to the infamous YLOD (Yellow Light of Death). Some days I find myself staring aimlessly at a blank TV screen…

  119. I have never owned a play station. All the Guys at work keep going on about what game they played last night, but my wife wont let me buy one.

  120. Christmas to me means spending quality time with those we love and care about. A game console is a fabulous way for everyone to have a laugh and have fun. Winning this prize would definitely make my Christmas 🙂

  121. To tease my brother that I have cooler stuff than he does. Once I’ve milked that for all its worth I’d share it with him though.

  122. Because my hubby (game-addicted weirdo) will love me forever and ever if I win this!

  123. It would be great to I’ve the prize to my brothers.

  124. I should win this because I have three more siblings and this would be perfect for bribing them to get me food or drinks.

  125. My sister has to travel to westmead Children’s Hospital in Sydney every Thursday for checkups. It’s a long, boring day. This package would be so nice for her to use.

  126. My close friend is pretty sick in hospital with Cystic fibrosis. There’s not much for him to do and he frequently has to go in for tune ups.Thanks!

  127. With Playstation and PSP
    Theres…one for them, one for me
    The familys going quietly insane
    Especially when stuck inside due to rain
    And no Sony entertainment to our name

  128. I’m not more deserving than anyone else NOR can I write a poem to blow you away BUT winning this prize would make my families Christmas day.

  129. With four boys you’d agree
    its hard to keep sane when I’m so girlie.
    Be great to put it under the tree.
    love to win this pack for the family.

  130. My friend’s house burnt down and they are being screwed by insurance. I would love to give this prize to them if I win, to brighten their dark time.

  131. Not many presents under the Christmas tree this year,
    a stressful time we’ve had my dear,
    we’re getting there, the year is nearly over,
    new year coming, it will bring great karma

  132. My son has been asking for a playstation for christmas all year…
    I finally managed to save for one-
    However it was stolen from my car!
    Feeling Terrible!

  133. was missionary kid in developing country
    no computers for me
    now I’m in west,let me experience the best
    please put my dream to rest

  134. I got laid off at work recently..
    Therefore we are really struggling this Christmas..
    I’m an honest person and have never won anything before!
    This would save our Christmas!!

  135. I am afraid my son may not smile this Christmas as we are very broke.
    I know presents are not important-
    However try explaining that to a 5 year old 🙁

  136. I’m sure everybody on here deserves to win this prize for one reason or another.

    Personally, I know this would save my Christmas.

    Goodluck everybody.

  137. It’s a great prizes and I would love to win it to share with the family it would be a great entertainer this holidays.

  138. I have always wanted a playstation gaming console ever since i was 6. And my future job is to be a video game designer. I would LOVE to win this so i can get to see and experience for myself how awesome playstation gaming can be!!!

  139. Just lost my job today – sooooo unexpectedly. This prize will help Santa a heck of alot.

  140. It’s amazing how technology and marvels of the family can bring the family even closer together in the wackiest and zaniest ways and I feel very much that this prize pack could do just that.

  141. I’ve just started my maternity leave and I’m BORED sat around waiting for baby to arrive. This will keep me entertained and maybe even give me a distraction during labour.

  142. I should win because I’m the biggest kid of all and if I dont win ill make a hell of a ratchet and clank until I get ONE!!

  143. In a year where I have lost my job, my wife and my home this would be an amazing thing to put under the tree for my son and daughter,

  144. I’ve not yet purchased a hand held game for my children, I was so impressed to find my twin 10 year old’s had gone online, researched the benefits, printed them and left them on my pillow. Should we reward their persistence.

  145. My family would simply love it if we were to receive such a wonderful gift, it would be the perfect pick-me-up at the end of a such a long year!

  146. I would love to win this pack so I can go on many adventures with all the gaming characters 🙂

  147. I am one of triplets,
    we are competitive; sometimes stony,
    this christmas I’d have bragging rights
    thanks to Becky, James and Sony!

  148. As a single fulltime work from home mother – I would love my daughter to have this as an apology from me for those times I worked and couldn’t play

  149. a little something for my gamer self to relax and stop bugging the heck out of my

  150. Female gamer; studying Game Design Bachelor in 2012!
    Broken Xbox; and my purse is empty for new tech to attract a cute gamer boy and research my desired field!

  151. As days and nights go by
    On the couch I lay
    Wishing for a PSP to play
    One would not go astray

  152. I have entered this competition for my partner, he has wanted a PS3 since they came out. We havent been able to afford one and he really deserves it 🙂

  153. My parents nor family members are giving me any presents this year as they do not have the money nor the time, so I hope to win this competition as It will make my Christmas and birthday! Also, the PS3 and PSP is amazing itself, everyone deserves one!!!

  154. I dropped my last PSP in the kitchen sink immediately after telling my wife how awesome it was. Its been five years and winning this one might finally stop her laughing.

  155. To keep me amused 24/7, I need constant amusing & this pack fits the build perfectly.

  156. To make my man and my boy both equally as ecstatic as each other!!

  157. I will love, enjoy and appreciate it more than any other entrant…..who are no doubt going to sell it after they’ve won it, where as I’ll keep it and play until it can play no more!!

  158. What a fantastic prize to be won
    congrats to those who have done.
    It’s not christmas without sharing some:
    joy, and gifts like Sony’s All 4 One!

    Merry Christmas all!

  159. i’d like to make my brothers day on christmas the only game we have in the house is an old connect 4 and its missing pieces he loves playstations but we cant afford one so please consider me for this prize

  160. What an amazing prize pack, I would be so grateful to win this pack given it is school holidays and my two kids would enjoy this immensely, as would I given the television would be switched off and they would play together for a change….a what bliss this would be, thank you!

  161. I would like to give my best friend the PSP for while he is staying in hospital in january. The ps3 would make my brothers christmas too.

  162. Why should I win?

    I just want my family to
    Get together and have

    Great times playing
    It as we don’t get
    Very much time with
    Everyone together!



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