The BIG GIVE: Playstation 3 Pack

Have we been here before?

No!! Giving away the most recent PS3 pack has left me feeling a whole lot like Santa. I don’t actually know how the winner reacted, however, I imagined it was something like when Ellen rings winners and they jump around screaming excitedly. Ellen and I, we are Santa.

Thanks to Sony Computer Entertainment I have another of these awesome Playstation packs to give away. The pack contain;

* PlayStation 3 (160GB space) console valued at $349.95
* Ratchet & Clank All 4 One game valued at $99.95
* Ratchet & Clank All 4 One T-shirt
* Ratchet & Clank All 4 One Keyring

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Released on the 30th of October, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One is adventure filled game where you can play solo or with three friends, IRL or online. For more information on the game visit

I will be sharing more thoughts on this game over at Becky and James Do Reviews soon!

To go into the draw to win this pack, all you have to do is answer the below question in 30 words or less;

If you could make any book/movie into a video game, what would it be and why? Don’t worry if it might already be a game, have some fun telling me your ultimate game conversion.

Entries close midnight December 12th 2011 (AEST, ie Sydney time) and the best answers will win. Please note, entry is only open to Australian residents and be sure I have your contact details in case you win!!

If the prize is not claimed within a week, this competition will be redrawn.

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  1. Stephen Kings “IT”. Nothing like a ‘scary” video game for those long nights and short days πŸ™‚

    • I’d say ‘Grug’, just because it would be a technology marvel to animate his hair…

  2. Any of the Terry Pratchett Discworld books – not seen in game format for a long long time, and certainly never on the current PS3. Wizards, witches, Death, crowded streets and backwards countryside, plenty of scope for adventure and challenge. The old PS1 game is a major collectors item now in hot demand. Hint hint

  3. ‘Twilight: The next adventure’ would be an amazing game. The possibilities would be endless.

  4. I Think I Am Legend with Will Smith it would make for a good shooting action game.

  5. The Silence of the Lambs. Clarice and Hannibal go head to head in a wild game of action and the points are measured in livers, fava beans and Chianti.

  6. Star Trek would be great to explore strange new cultures and worlds. To boldly where I would be too scared to go if it was real

  7. I’d make Hot Wheels racing video games, my son and daughter are both crazy in love with them. They’d be in video game heaven.

  8. I would make a Video Game featuring JURASSIC PARK, i think all ages would enjoy it, especially all the dinosaurs running wild πŸ™‚

  9. I would turn the tv series Glee in to a game. It would be lots of fun dancing and singing along <3

  10. Fern Gully – I think that would be an awesome game for littlies to build gardens and grow flowers and all sorts of things, with fairies flying around – magical <3

  11. Pippi Longstocking! She has the best adventures, a horse and a monkey and no parents. What else could you need?

  12. The Pacifier!
    Each level you’d be a different child of the Plummer family, with the completion of each level revealing a different step of the new and improved “Peter Panda Dance”

  13. Labyrinth – in the game I could check if David Bowie was wearing a cup. I always though those tights looked slightly unnatural!

  14. I am almost too scared to admit it, but I have to be fair, Little House on the Prairie, big points for pulling Nellie’s hair!

  15. Anne McCaffrey’s Dragons of Pern series would be awesome as a video game – imagine dragons & riders, and fire lizards swooping, attacking ‘thread’ .. and the mating flight – Wow!

  16. I’d base a game on the tv show Offspring -although not made for the kids,Nina would be on a quest to find love,a showdown between Patrick and Chris,dressing Nina from her fabulous wardrobe!,lots of falls and rebounds,dream sequences and the option to guess what Nina’s really thinking!

  17. Game of Thrones would be awesome. Nothing like fantasy, love and war!

  18. Leading up to Christmas; Shrek the Halls. Shrek would have to find the meaning of Christmas through each of his friends.

  19. I think Gulliver’s Travels would be great as a game. To explore the strange world full of Mystery and wonder would be exciting!

  20. Dumbo. To be magical, wear beautiful coats and accessories and of course be able to fly.

  21. Mr And Mrs Smith (with Brad and Angelina) trying to assassinate one another. Hmmm… couldn’t resist chasing Brad around even if it was only a video game!

  22. I would love to see the TV show Bones made into a game. My partner and I used to love playing the CSI games on the PC but Bones is way better!
    I love Booth, he’s a dreamboat πŸ˜‰

  23. Great question but hard to answer! Hmm, I think Jaws! Out swim the massive shark. Epp! That might bring on nightmares!

  24. Tomorrow When the War Began – The graphics would be amazingly realistic and the gameplay a ‘blast’!

  25. I’d love to make Thomas the Tank into a game!
    And in it, you could make your own train
    Drive it around the tracks
    To the seaside and back!

  26. The Dresden Files would be good…A wizard P.I. who deals with sorcerors, vampires, werewolves and all things that bump in the night.

  27. Ferris Bueller’s day off would be a sweet game, doging parents and teachers, driving ferrari’s. What’s not to like?

  28. my son lachie loves andy griffiths books and he would love to see these made into movies…….especially the 13 storey tree house…… now i’d like to see them make that one πŸ™‚

  29. The Axis Trilogy, by Sarra Douglas would make an awesome action adventure game. She has already created a world full of heros, villans, and majic which would allow you to battle, level, and win.

  30. ‘the hardy boys’ which was a set of teenage boy detective books years ago because they showed how simple some detective work could be

  31. The never ending story because I loved it as a kid I think it could be a great adventure game

  32. Game of thrones by George R.R Martins ,it has many storyline options & would be great as a multiplayer

  33. Back to the future; this as a game would be epic, imagine being able to go to any point in time and have to complete missions. fly the car, ride horses..

  34. The transporter, this movie combines action with car racing in the greatest way possible and Jason Stratham woud make an excellent video game character he is such a great personality

  35. I think Tomorrow when the war began, that would be so cool, you sneak around town trying to win the city back.

  36. I would like Deltora Quest made into a game it would be interesting to walk through the world and actually see some of the things in that world.

  37. I know its been done, but they should have another crack at it- the Dexter series. Maybe make it a MMORPG, now that will stir some controversy.

  38. DEFINITELY Shock on Shocker Street,
    R.L Stine I’d love to meet,
    This Goosebumps book would make a SICK video game,
    With monsters and critters no level would be the same!

  39. The Hunger Games! This is a such an exciting novel, about to be released as a movie I think. It would be one hell of a video game- a futuristic, dystopian world.

  40. Oh tough choice! I would love to play Liveship traders series by Robin Hobb. So many vaired character to be and so many story lines you could play, would be hours and hours of entertainment

  41. When I was younger I absolutely loved the Deltora Quest series and always wondered what it would be like as a video game. Relive those childhood memories.

  42. Definetly twilight, the movie was a hit so why not the game.
    you could do missions and stuff saving bella,
    or fighting off the vultary, even chose your favourite character
    (jacob of course) and make different games like the books
    best of all the graphics would be AWESOME!

  43. The Labryinth <3 So much adventures. Little traps, a maze. And there are little goblins to deal with.

  44. Getting into my Christmassy spirit, The Grinch is my favourite movie of all time, so it’s imperative to choose it! A little rhyming, christmas timing & a Grinchy miming.

  45. Eragon book series into a game with RPG elements and a branching story similar to path of Neo.allowing you make to alternate from choises eragon made in the book

  46. The Amazing Race would be awesome as a video game as long as Phil is on hosting it.

  47. The Amazing Race, travel to different countries and complete tasks like the tv show. Love this show.

  48. Austin Powers in Goldmember – imagine being characters such as mini-me, fat bastard and Austin powers!

    • The “Specky Magee” series. This is a boy that goes through all the adventures of different sports and through every day life of a teenager.

  49. I would love to see Romeo and Juliet made in to a game, It will give the girly girls something to get into!

  50. Have to be Secret Diary of a call girl! Fantasy, living doubles lives, making money awesome clothes role playing all the things i would never do in real life πŸ˜‰

  51. Green Street Hooligans. You start off as an innocent American in England, then get dragged into the football firms (gangs) and have to fight your way through the other gangs the acheive glory for your team.

  52. TRUE BLOOD would make an AMAZING (Adult) video game!
    It is such a popular series!
    There are endless mystical creatures!
    It would be full of action, drama and suspense!


    It would be every Teenage girls dream to have their fav characters on screen! All the secrets, All the GOSSIP!


  54. my lad is obsessed with RIO at the moment,
    The film is bright and colourful, adventurous and full of great songs.
    would love to see it as a game!

  55. HOUSOS as a game!
    The series is absolutely hilarious!
    A bunch of bogans living in public housing, bludging off the dole- playing computer games..
    They’d love it lol.

  56. The Wire- all five seasons! It has awesome characters, heaps of action, and it has the best byline ever: The game’s out there, and it’s play or get played (Omar)

  57. “The Fire Eternal” by Chris d’Lacey. Its a perfect mixture of modernism and anciet power. And dragons. You could play both main characters: a polar bear, and a “sorceress”

  58. Its a tv show but, Son of Anacacrcy. Awesome show but i think as a grand theft auto style game would be rad

  59. The book ‘The 39 Clues’ as it is filled with adventure and is thrillin for all ages.

  60. Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin – the characters are rich and layered; there are lots of kick ass woman and supernatural beings and of course wars for families, power and their lives!

  61. PETER RABBIT featuring Mr McGregor and Squirrel Nutkin……PS3 for this SuperGran, too old and decrepit – just absurd, 3 grandkids call me a game old bird!

  62. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory would be an amazing game with lots of different options to pick from, different doors would be opened to new adventures and the possiblity is endless.

  63. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo! It could be a combination of Grand Theft Auto, Counterstrike and any mission based problem solving game… I’d leave out certain scenes though πŸ™

  64. How about Twilight. So we can go around and kill vampires!

  65. The t.v series Wipe Out would be a good game, my friends and I always have a laugh when we watch it and I think the game would be just as funny.

  66. “Limitless” a game that involves your intellectual capability with the usual thumb muscles, with the various themes in the movie, I can see it working πŸ™‚

  67. E.E. Knight’s ‘Vampire Earth’ series; deep lore, interesting post-apocalyptic setting, and great characters (cool alien vampires, none of that Twilight nonsense)

  68. Technically it’s anime but I would love to play Samurai Champloo. The graphics are fantastic and it would make for great multiplayer combat.

  69. The True Blood series. Who couldn’t take more of Eric, Bill and Jason? Mmmmmm…..

  70. Just for fun, The hangover (movie part one) Steal a tiger, wolf pack challenges, some cards Mystery, action, comedy, Romance with a feel good ending that keeps you guessing.

  71. ‘The Hunger Games’. The book is amazing, and the movie already looks promising, judging from the trailer!

  72. Cassandra Clare’s series ‘The Mortal Instruments’. The games would be amazing- action-packed, exciting and entertaining. The books were sensational and the game would be great for all ages. πŸ™‚

  73. This would keep he boring monsters away!!

  74. The BFG by roald dahl, that is an amazing book that could become a game, it would be really cool if you could create your own customised Giant that goes on wacky adventures.

  75. “little shop of horrors” how cool would it be to feed a plant people?or be a dentist and pull teeth for points.

  76. “little shop of horrors”a game where you feed a plant people and run from the dentist

  77. Land before time because my son LOVES dinosaurs,it was my fave as child, its a way of recreating past for him to enjoy in future whilst sharing something meaningful

  78. DIary of a wimpy kid – would be a good one for young kids to learn how to deal with bullies.

  79. Inception, One crazy ass movie, turned into an even crazier assed movie.
    Or Charlies Angels, Cos we need more badass chick games on PS3, Tomb Raider and Mirrors edge arent enough.

  80. Ohh you can have so much fun turing anaconda into a video game. Imagine the setting in a forrest and your trying to kill the anacondas with powerful weapons u have to find throughout the game

  81. The frank herbert Dune book series, a very detailed scifi world that could make a fanastic RPG

  82. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Combining Grand Theft Auto, Counterstrike and Cluedo would create the ultimate experience! A 3D Daniel Craig from the new movie would be a bonus πŸ™‚

  83. Inception- creating your own dream world and fighting off the games set illusions and having to guess whether or not your in a dream.

  84. I would love Peppa Pig for my daughter. She loves pigs at the moment and since she can’t play with a real one this would be the next best thing.

  85. Mickey Mouses christmas. I have had problems finding holiday games for the kids that are full of christmas joy and filled with learning.

  86. Imagine having the Da Vinci Code video game, full of mind blowing puzzles and adventures to conquer!

  87. The Never Ending Story because it’s a great all ages film with lots of adventure that would translate well to a game and provide great entertainment

  88. I would turn Ulysses by James Joyce into a game as it would take amazing brain power to be able to play it and win!

  89. Jaws movie would make an awesome game – especially if the shark was super intelligent and you had to spend your time outsmarting and evading it!

  90. Monster Garage. You could design and work on vehicles, set your own projects and see how well you are at the jobs involved like welding.

  91. The RTA Learner’s Logbook, so that I could see how many brain cells parents lose while teaching their kids to drive.

  92. Robinson Cruiso – The original Survivor!!

  93. The Home Alone serious would make a great video game it would be enjoyable for both adults and kids, play as either the child or the two burglars trying to outsmart one another!

  94. i think it would have to be back to the future because
    it would be a different ball game to travel through time
    on aomputer game.

  95. “The Hunger Games” because its a series of books that absolutely entertained my teenage daughter, she couldnt put it down.

  96. Oh easy question…TWILIGHT of course, I am a massive fan and I think it would be awesome transforming into a wolf… or being a vampire would be equally cool!

  97. “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” – 30 million kids can’t be wrong…

  98. Indiana Jones:- It would be great to have the kind of adventures that he has in the movies.

  99. Animporphs- there’s fighting aliens and changing into animals, both of which would be great in a video game.

  100. Bad Boy Bubby – a role playing version of the movie. That moment when you have to justify to yourself why you would wrap a cat up in Glad Wrap!

  101. Grug because he’s so cute and has so many adventures, i think it would be great fun for the little kids (and maybe some parents too). It would be in the style of Donkey Kong or Sonic the Hedgehog.

  102. The Princess Bride – Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles…

  103. Pokemon, as a full RPG a explore all the worlds as Ash

  104. red dawn is one for me
    A film about russia and world war 3
    kill the baddies, save your mates
    retro weapons, multiplayer dates

  105. “How to train your dragon”, dodging the dragons’ fireballs or acid spurts in order to get to your destination of finding the king of all dragons. You have to befriend the “night fury” by giving him gifts which are won by defeating certain dragons. Once befriended, you have to conquer the great dragon who is protecting a prize. Lots of obstacles and jumps, sounds like fun for everyone

  106. I would make Bambi into some sort of educational game for children!

  107. The Famous Five – I used to love the books as a child and I’m sure that with the technology available the stories would make amazing adventure video games.

  108. The beautifully animated ‘The Nightmare before Christmas’ by genius Tim Burton would quite possibly be the greatest game to ever come to consoles rendered in HD graphics and telling this beautiful Christmas story, to get in the mood for this festive season.

  109. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- begin the adventure searching for the golden ticket. Then, place first in the gummy scramble, gobstopper catch and chocolate swim to ride in glass elevator.

  110. I think a game in the never ending story world would be awesome

  111. The Tomorrow series by John Marsden would make a great action/adventure game, ploting raids, saving prisoners sabotage the enemy set in the Australian landscape, Awesome!

  112. The Hangover…… arguably the best movie of the past decade it would be awesome getting them to the wedding in one piece.

  113. The Hunger Games:
    I would make the hunger games into a video game because it would be a great action and the story line is great.

  114. the Hairy Mcleary Books, each character within the books could have a whole world designed around them, full of rhymes, adventures and learning opportunities. What fun you could have with Scar Face Claw!

  115. The hunger game books because they are amazing books and the would the spectacular on playstation 3 and the HD graphics would put the cherry on top.

  116. “In Time”.

    Objective of the game is to accrue time and complete missions by robbing time keepers, killing bad guys and advancing through levels creating a better life.

  117. The Bible. Imagine that. Evil Romans. Parting the Red Sea. Walking on water. Slinging Rocks?

  118. The Diary of Anne Frank. I used to be really good at Pacman and I think he would look cute wearing a little German helmet.

  119. I would like to see Stephen King’s “The Stand”. The book was awesome. Different characters from all walks of life coming together in order to defeat one common enemy.

  120. I’d love a truly faithful representation of the classic bond cocktail. Stealth, investigation, fast cars, fast… *adjusts tie* women.. and edge-of-your-seat action! Anything and everyone will ‘bond’

  121. My Journal, so I would be able to relive epic moments from my life, take different paths than what I had originally done and explore the endless possibilities.


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