5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Children

If there is one thing I just love doing, it’s buying lovely things for my children. I adore poring over sites full of gorgeous things and often send links to James of things the kids ‘need’. While we haven’t actually bought, or even agreed on, exactly what we will be getting the children this year I haven’t stopped dreaming and listing and it certainly hasn’t stopped Ellie adding things to her mental Christmas List.

Here are some ideas I have for the perfect Christmas Gift;


Books in a Book Bag

Age appropriate books are great. Pop a few books for each child in an adorable Book Bag and you’ve got a wonderful gift! It’s a great way to encourage their love of reading as well as a natural way to expand on their interests.

Check out the gorgeous Book Bags from Elin’s Emporium. Support handmade this Christmas while expanding your child’s library, it’s win – win.

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Kitchen and Utensils

This is the top of Ellie’s Wish List. There is only so many cardboard kitchens a Mumma can make before it’s time to move on to something more permanent and kitchen-looking. Of course, every little kitchen needs accessories and utensils for the hours of cooking that’s ahead.

These are all available from IKEA.










Jingle the Husky Pup

This won’t actually be under our tree as I received one to review, however, I really think this is a beautiful gift. You can read my review here and purchase Jingle at Hallmark.

Jingle is, hands down, my Christmas pick this year. Go check him out.



This is my dream for our children this year, unfortunately, money restraints mean they won’t be unwrapping a Springfree Trampoline.What could be better than something fun, which keeps them busy, active, outside and wears them out?



You can’t go past an adorable stuffy for beside the bed or in the Christmas Stocking. I love the range at Mum’s the Word Boutique and of course, Etsy.


What are your top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas this year?

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  1. Ohhh I love the fact that 3 out of your 5 thinng are going to be under our tree (kind of)…the kids always get books for Christmas (and birthdays), so Santa will be bringing them some books each. I’ve bought Savannah a toy kitchen this year (although I got the Kmart one – it was a little cheaper). I’ve been having trouble finding pots though – have you seen any? I’ve also got the kids a trampoline, but like you we couldn’t afford a springfree – so have gone for what I understand to be the next best a Vuly (although I’ve had friends say – can’t belive you spent THAT much on a trampoline – given you can get the same thing from Kmart for $200).

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