Wordless Wednesday: Rainbows

Children in front of a rainbow, siblings cuddling
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  1. That’s a gorgeous photo! You’ve got your super cute kids in a super cute cuddle in clear focus, then the dimmed background and even a rainbow! I must admit I wouldn’t have noticed the rainbow if you hadn’t mentioned it in the title, your kids are stealing all the attention.

    • Thanks Tat. I noticed the rainbow wasn’t too noticeable and that’s why I mentioned it 🙂
      It’s moments like this that really warm my heart. I will be looking at this when my girls are fighting (every five minutes, atm).

  2. Beautiful image.

    • Thank you Nicole!

  3. Amazing photo!

    • Thanks Kellie x

  4. What a fantastic photo. Perfect with the rainbow

    • Thank you Tamara, I thought the touch of rainbow was perfect for the moment.

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