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Last year I stepped away from resolutions and chose the word Purpose to guide and shape the journey of 2011. In some ways I don’t feel like I managed to take the year to it’s full potential, yet at the same time there was growth. I was part of a class (which I hope to be able to take again), thanks to my beautiful friends Virginia and Danny, which I wanted to share throughout the year but the journey became somewhat personal and mostly an inward thing.

I still don’t really know what my purpose outside of being a mother and wife is, but I have come to accept I can’t force the finding out.

This year my word is FOCUS.

Of late I have felt like I’ve been flitting from one thing to another. Starting one thing, going on to another and chopping and changing until nothing actually gets (or feels) finished. It is a whole lot like when I was pregnant; I would simply forget what I was doing, be unable to grasp onto any clear thought. Focus is what I need.

Last year, I wasn’t sure what I really wanted out of my word, I didn’t have much of a plan of attack.

This year, I have ideas about the things I need to focus on, the things that need attention in my life.

The most important of these things are Family, Writing, Health, Fitness, Balance, Organisation, Photography, Fun and Self. Which seems a whole lot to be giving my attention to and, even as I look now, seems to be the opposite of what my word suggests. However, what I want is to be wholly present for each of these things when it’s the appropriate time. Finding the right motivations to keep my eyes on the things that matter. And not be all la-di-da.

Once I’m able to stay on track with the important things I know life will get better. Once I am focused on health I know I will be able to run around with the children more and won’t have to worry about the what ifs.

2012 is the year of Focus for me; what’s your word?


  1. Self-care. Since having my first child in April ’09 and the second in June I really haven’t made myself a priority and the cracks are starting to show. I still haven’t mapped out my plan of attack but with little steps here and there I hope to give myself much more attention this year.

    • Love your word. I am the same and have to find ways to take better care of myself in order to take better care of them, but it’s just so hard to find the time and to not feel guilty (at least, that’s what I find). I find it crazy that I KNOW I need to do certain things for the best for us all and yet I still manage to make myself feel terrible!
      Good luck, I hope you are able to find ways to look after yourself in 2012!

  2. FOCUS is such a good one, Becky. As long as you don’t focus on too many things!!! Good luck with living your word. x

    • Thanks, Bron. I have found many things I want to focus on, but I don’t intend to go crazy. There are the important things and the not so important things. My basic rule is to focus on each day and what it holds. Be in the moment and I will find the things within my day which need my attention. If that makes sense?

  3. Focus sounds like it will be a great word for you, and I love the list of things that you are going to focus on. I also haven’t figured out my purpose apart from being a wife and mother (although I have LOTS of interests!), but just like you I have figured out recently that I can’t force it to be figured out, I think I am just going to have to sit back and enjoy the journey 🙂
    Hope you have a wonderful 2012,
    xx Sannah

    • Thanks for your comment, Sannah. It’s so difficult to let things just go, I find. I want to know what I am meant to be doing and I want to be honing my skills and developing, but like you I am going to have to simply enjoy the journey!

  4. I know exactly what you mean about the the flitting. It means you are doing a lot of things well, but nothing REALLY well. I think so much better to FOCUS on doing fewer things really well than lots of things ‘just’ well 🙂

    • I hate the flitting. I was feeling so overwhelmed and things were crazy. Like the other day, I took the girls to Day care only to find it wasn’t open until this week. All over the place!
      A little focus will certainly help! And you’re so right, when you’re doing so many things you don’t do anything so well and it’s so easy to feel like a failure.

  5. I hear you on the focus thing – i cannot remember if i was any better before parenthood and PND I just know i am easily distracted now and i definitely get bored of things before I finish them. Good luck with all your areas of focus – are you trying to increase all areas at once and find a balance or are you tackling them one at a time?

    • I was better before pregnancy ate my brain and then parenthood and PND really took me off the rails.
      As for how I will be addressing my focus areas – some I will be working into my everyday and some will find their time as the year progresses.
      While these are all things I want to keep centered I also want to keep each and every day as my focus. To be in the moment and know each day is new.
      Am I making any sense here, lol.

  6. I think I need to find some focus, too. Just last night I was thinking how I want to do all these things, and there is no way i could fit them all into my life and still connect (my word). One thing at a time and having times for each thing might be part of the answer. Dropping all the things that I don’t need to be doing is the other part.

    • It’s so hard to not want to do everything, especially when there are so many opportunities out there.
      I love your word and where your focus is. I think it’s so important to connect with those who are important to you.
      And what you’ve aid ‘One thing at a time and having times for each thing might be part of the answer.’ is exactly what I am trying to do this year.

  7. Hello there, focus is a good word…. I do try to practise mindfulness and to do one thing at a time… which is in direct contrast to my rather chaotic personality, but am re-training my brain!

    My word of the year is SLOW… I want to do less, east less, stress less and walk slowly, talk more slowly, cook slowly, drive slowly… rebel against my own over-business and conquer it!!


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