Doing What People Do


When we lived on the South Coast we very rarely had visitors. If we did; it was either James’ family who never stayed very long and always left before the meals I had prepared or my family who had to stay, which seemed stressful and didn’t lend towards a joyful time together.

Now, that we’re all settled in our new place we are finally doing things that real people do. Having people over. Making dinner. Enjoying each other peoples company. And now that James has a BBQ I feel, somehow, like we’re actually people suddenly. Even if we’re not having visitors.

I don’t know how to explain what I am saying here. I never thought we were really lacking in our family life, though it was quite lonely. In the here and now, however, I am finding I love to host dinners and Christmas. I love playing cards and having a rowdy night once in a while. Pumping some music, having people dance and hang, water fights and fruit platters.

The children are loving it, except if they have to go to bed before the cards begin. And there’s just this strange feeling now that we’re proper. This is the stuff I never really got. The things people do on Australia Day, on summer holidays and at Christmas time.

Unfortunately, this is probably not going to last with people moving and so on.

It seems like something so small and yet it’s something that makes me feel so happy. The lead up can be a tad stressful but, I figure I will soon know what I am doing and be much more organised.

What are your tips for little gatherings?


  1. I really relate to this, Becky. We’re going through a stage of not having many people around at the moment. I noticed it happened soon after Ella was born, then has happened again since Holly’s been born. I know things will change again now they’re getting older.
    I think preparation for dinners and barbecues is key. Pre-do as much as you can so you can enjoy more of the night, rather than being stuck in the kitchen!! x

    • I am SO glad you get me and I don’t sound like a nut case. Having lived without visitors for going on five years it’s been such a shock to me. I did not think I would be so into this entertaining thing!

  2. I’m SO glad you love entertaining… Coz we sure love visiting! We had a blast at the cards night 🙂 can’t wait to do it again some time. You host great gatherings 🙂

  3. we live very close to all our family. like literally 5 mins drive in each direction will take us to a family members house. That being said we rarely get visitors. my family don’t visit me any more so we dont go out as much only to the inlaws and my mums. they visit each other and i know that they do and they do things with each other but just not involving us. so we are used to not having people over or going out. i tried the entertaining thing but my house is just not suited for it. thankfully i have sold it and im in the process of looking for something nicer.

    enjoy your guests. if i have to give any advice is always add that little bit extra on the food. if it gets eaten then great if not then its left overs for you tomorrow.

  4. i am in such a similar situation!! its tough to leavethe house with 2 little boys and until we build our new house i cannot have people over as its too tiny!!
    its one thing i cannot wait to do once building is complete!!

    my best tip is get everyone to bring a plate. in our group the host supplies the nibblies and salad and the guests bring their own meat and something else eg potato bake. much less pressure on the host and also i along with my friends have a “signiture dish” that we like to make and goes down well. mine is potato bake and key lime pie!! just make sure to coordinate who is bringing what!!


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