Mistakes. We All Make Them

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I don’t view mistakes as entirely negative, necessarily. Through mistakes we learn. We grow. And we move on.

What happens though, when you do something which you originally thought would be best for your family only to find out it’s basically the opposite.

What happens when your mistake has cost you money you didn’t have. When that mistake has put your relationship on precariously dangerous ground for various reasons and as you’re teetering on the edge of the cliff playing a tug-of-war with life as you know it any lessons to come seem pointless.

What if, even when you’ve regained your footing, these types of mistakes can’t be forgotten. What if they, instead, cause a silent resentment to take seed and grow?

What about those mistakes?




P.S. I’m okay; just wondering.

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  1. Sometimes I think that we go through difficult times, not just so we grow, but so that somewhere down the track we are able to be a help to someone else in a difficult situation….. because we understand. It gives us an empathy that we wouldn’t have had otherwise, so that even if we can’t offer any useful advice (but then again, maybe we can), we can at least listen.

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