Wordless Wednesday: Freak Rain

Wordless Wednesday, Rain, Rain photos, Rain shots
Wordless Wednesday, Wet Grass, Water Droplets
Water Droplets, Water shots, Rain Photos, Wordless Wednesday
Wordless Wednesday, Rain photos,
Clothes in the rain, Wordless Wednesday, Rain Photos,

I was having a nap. This is NOT what I like to wake to

Water Droplets, Water droplet photos,


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  1. Amazing photos, bummer about the washing though.

    • Thanks Ames. I seem to be getting caught out a lot by these freak rains, so frustrating. Maybe I should just give up on the washing?

  2. Awesome shots. 🙂
    We didn’t get any of that rain out here. It poured down in all the surrounding towns around us.

    • Thanks Jane.
      We weren’t in the areas being warned of the storms, but we sure got it!

  3. Its raining here also! A cool change but not fun when the clothes are out! Hope it clears there for you soon! Love the macro shots of the raindrops!

    • I am a fan of cool change rain, but we’re having muggy days, random storms followed by worse mugginess! so horrible!

  4. I got caught out this week too with washing on the line when a storm came through. Great photos! Happy Wednesday! 🙂

    • Thanks Tina! Isn’t it just SO annoying when you’re just that little bit too slow and then it’s way too late?

  5. these shots are amazing – nice work!

    • Thank you Lyndal

  6. Love the smell of summer rain, don’t like it on the washing though either!! Great photos!

  7. It’s been BUCKETING down at night here in Sydney. The rain is so hard it sounds like hail.

    That last shot is amazing, Becky. x

    • Thanks Bron.

      Some days I suddenly remember it’s January and it’s meant to be summer, how crazy is this rain!

  8. The storms were terrible , hate that when your washing is almost dry !Love your pics.

    • Hi Trish, the storms were meant to be so much worse out where you guys are from what I’ve heard. I hope it wasn’t too bad!

  9. I just love the rain!! Sorry about your laundry…
    Wonderful pictures, you captured them so well – thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment Mary. It took my washing a ridiculous amount of time to actually dry (again) after the drenching!

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