The Wiggles: Breaking my Heart

I was not blogging today. When I wrote up this week’s batch of posts there was no Thursday post, however, I am starting to feel the need to say something about this whole Wiggles debacle and by the time I write my next batch up it’ll be old news.

I have said previously that I was a Greg fan. A die-hard fan who didn’t even buy DVDs with Sam as the Yellow Wiggle in them. I know, harsh. But, I was die-hard and completely crushed. Last year, I realised that my children would never enjoy a live concert if I stayed true to my ‘never, never Sam’ stance and so we went and saw them live and it was awesome.

And, I was wrong about Sam. Yes, I loved Greg but Sam stepped up and has done an amazing job.

So, yesterday when I first heard the news that Greg was coming back I was torn. I had finally accepted Sam and maybe had a Mummy crush on the ‘new’ Wiggle. But, I was happy about the thought of Greg being back.

Today, there has been much discussion about what exactly is going on and whether Sam knew he was being ousted. There has been ‘PR fails’ on the Wiggles’ part, in particular the cold way some of the interviews have seemed to be approached. The more I see the more I feel sick.

With each new interview the feeling that there’s definitely something not right grows and when they suddenly had Paul Field with them on The Project tonight I felt they were trying desperately to fix the mess. I may be a little too attached to The Wiggles, I guess, but this is really saddening me.

The two things which are screaming to me that there’s something really wrong are simply; WHERE is Murray and why is nobody asking this in the interviews and WHY hasn’t Sam said anything? It all feels very wrong all of a sudden and the torn feeling I had over who should wear the yellow skivvy is now a horrible feeling that people have been hurt and The Wiggles is less about the love of entertaining children and MUCH more about the money.

I want to say that I totally think Anthony is to blame. Which is wrong because I don’t know if I actually think that. However, I’ve not really been a fan of his since my children came along. As I would watch the {old} DVDs I noticed how hard he tried to be better and then once I allowed us to watch newer Wiggles on the TV I was surprised by the transformation. And, while he looks good, I also think he looks bad… If that makes even a little sense.

While Jeff and Murray have aged, Anthony seems to have turned the clock backwards and something about that sits wrongly with me. They’re growing older, they’re meant to look at least a bit older, right?

But, this post isn’t about what I think or feel about Anthony. What I want to know is how this will be perceived by children. The children who are old enough to realise there’s something a bit off; after all kids are pretty cluey. Does it show that it’s okay to exclude or even bully?

And what does this mean for myself and others like me who hold the group so dear? Is this merely a misunderstanding that will soon be cleared up? I hope so.

What do you think of this turn of events?

And please, won’t someone tell me where Murray is??

ETA: I think there should be a fifth Wiggle. Make Sam Green and have him stay. Why couldn’t they do that?



  1. Murray is overseas in the UK at the moment, that is why he’s not in any of the interviews.

    I don’t know if it’s because there is something truly underhanded going on, but the fact that Anthony doesn’t know how Sam feels says that it can’t have been handled very well. Then the PR was a disaster. They were completely ill-prepared to answer very obvious questions.

    I’m saddened by all this too.

    • Thank you Shelly! Murray’s whereabouts has been worrying me greatly. Though, him being overseas when they’ve decided to go forward with this raises more questions, I think.

      It’s almost as if they’ve jumped in without thought of what they’re really doing and it’s all backfired.

  2. Couldn’t agree more on all counts Becky.

    PR nightmare, and I get business is business but at least pretend it’s about the kids?!

    Money talks, bullshit walks and I’m sad that my family won’t be a Wiggly one any more after nearly 8 years.

    • So true. I just can’t believe how harsh it appears to be. I feel so disappointed by the whole thing.

  3. PR fail. I hate using the word ‘fail’ but there’s not other way to say it. But worse than that, where do The Wiggles go from here? Someone else wants to retire, and what will they do? ‘Succession planning’ are two more words that are too corporate-speak for me most of the time, but they really need to think about it.

    I feel for both Greg and Sam in this. Sam because he was fantastic and has been given the boot with no warning, and Greg because he was probably overly excited about coming back and it’s all turned negative.

    • Yes, where to from here? I have seen many mum’s say they’ve washed their hands of them. I did hear somewhere that maybe that wanted to retire with the original line up, which I suppose makes sense. However, they needed to go about it in a much more classy way.

  4. I get what you’re saying and couldn’t agree more, except I never really liked them (with the exception of the live shows; we took our children to their first concert last year). Actually I should say ‘I like their old stuff better than their new stuff’

    I have thought for many years that they’re (mostly) in it for the money. You just have to go down a toy aisle to see they will put their “brand” on anything, it clearly doesn’t have to have any musical or education value.

    It certainly seems ‘they’ botched this changeover up bad.I’m saddened for Sam and hope he goes on to bigger things.

    • I didn’t really think about that; you’re right they do have their faces on merchandise everywhere.

      I, personally, think Anthony in particular is money driven but I thought the other guys were… you know, authentic.

      I think Sam will go onto great things. I think the mum’s and therefore the kids will follow him…

  5. I don’t understand how they could have got it so wrong going into those interviews. A bit of a look on social media would have uncovered what people were thinking and therefore prepare him for the interview.
    It’s all very strange.

    • That’s what I thought, too. Couldn’t they have made sure they were all prepared and, more importantly, had spoken to Sam before going into the interviews. Seems it was all done in extreme haste, which makes no sense and now they’re certainly paying for it.

  6. My son is 3.5 so all he has known, really, is Sam. Even though we have some of the older stuff with Greg that was passed down from my SIL. I was very resistant to the wiggles for a very long time, but seeing how much my little boy loved them, I knew it wouldn’t be long before we were full fledged fans. I’m happy to say he’s past the wiggles stage now, because I’d have a very hard time explaining to him why he would never see them again! I am disgusted, plain and simple. And I’ve thought the same thing, “Where’s Murray and Jeff?!!?!?” (was Jeff on The Project?? I didn’t see it). I have no sympathy for Greg. And yes, Anthony is a show pony who is high on himself and is ALWAYS trying to showoff or out-perform the other Wiggles. I’m over them, and maybe after this, a lot of the rest of their fans will be too. Hit them where it hurts them – the bottom dollar, since that is what it seems to be about (clearly I care way too much about this, too!)

    • I don’t envy the parents who have to tell their kids about this. Or show them Sam’s farewell message.
      Jeff wasn’t on The Project. It’s so weird. Why wouldn’t they wait until they could make a united front?
      And I am glad to see I’m not the only one who is so passionate about this!

  7. I totally agree with you (blogged about it yesterday too). Something was just a bit *off* in the interviews and I think they (I mean Anthony) was totally unprepared, and he shouldn’t have been. Jeff was there as a silent moral supporter, and I wondered about Murray and his absence too. Now today with the reports of how shockingly little Sam was paid in comparison to what they are worth it just sounds awful.

    At the end of it all I just didn’t like the way they referred to him as hired to do a job and that was it. He might have been hired but he was the LEAD singer and bloody good at it. Disrespectful, dismissive and uncaring was how they came across. They have lost me as a fan and I will never pay money to take my kids to see them again, nor buy any merchandise, it has put me right off. Very very sad.

    • It certainly shines a different light on them as people. I always thought Anthony had his mind on the money, but to this extent? To be so horrible to someone who has carried them through the past few years? Disgusting!

  8. I don’t have kids (state the obvious) but I am totally with you on this. I was devastated for Sam. I understood that if Greg was in a fit state medically then he would probably return at some time, (although the $20,000,000 payout when he left and cashed in his shares should have been the end of any contractual obligations by The Wiggles, excepting royalties of course – I guess its hard to turn away a brother who’s squandered most of that money though…) but not in this manner. If the media reports are true, Sam was actually on a day off to celebrate his daughters birthday when he got a phone call to head into the office (evidence – unshaven in publicity photos).

    I do think Sam was a little silly for agreeing to such terms and settling for as little $$ as he did when first he joined, but the way they have handled this change over has been appalling. For the rest of the Wiggles to refer to Sam (without whom The Wiggles would have keeled over when Greg did) as the “Hired Help” is disgusting. For Anthony to not have even “spoken to the guy” speaks volumes. It has now also come to light that Anthony had not spoken to Sam in 2 years except on-stage and backstage. The whole thing makes me sad.

    My Dad said wayyy back when Greg first bowed out that they should have just made a new Wiggle (say pink or green), so there was some “wiggle” room if ever Greg wanted to return.

    Obviously business continuity planning and forward thinking are not prized by this money making machine.

    Finally, I was disgusted to hear how much money merchandise like balloons cost (over $10 REALLY??) at a Wiggles concert.

    I’ve been pretty up in arms about this, but aside from comments on some news articles have not found anyone else to vent with – so thanks 🙂


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