Storms and Cuddles

On a recent rainy afternoon, Jasper awoke from his nap distraught and scared, pulling me from a nap of my own as I tried to shake a head cold and chest infection.

I went to get him and soon discovered his fear was being caused by a crazy storm. Thunder which rolled on and on while shaking the floor and lightening which looked like it was striking town over and over.

With everyone else still asleep he and I lay on the couch, his head on my shoulder, my arms wrapped firmly around him. As we stayed like that I thought how strange is was that I had found a way to be strong and sooth his fears when thunder storms have always sent panic through me. I wondered at the fact that this, the mother of all storms, wasn’t shaking me in the least.

And then I fell into simply enjoying the moment. For half an hour he rubbed my arm and pinched my neck with his pudgy little hands (oh how I love those hands). They were his only movements and I breathed in every moment, given that this was the stillest he’s been since starting walking 2 months ago. This was the longest cuddle we’d had without wriggles, without him wanting to get down and run around and it was glorious.

Together we watched the rain out the side door next to the couch, simply soaking up being.

The storm passed on and too soon My Boy was wriggling his little bottom and backing off the couch and going off to play. I might secretly be wistfully hoping for another storm soon because now that we’ve had that quiet time together I have realised just how much I am missing it now that he’s the busiest person alive.

My baby has turned into a boy. I don’t know how, I certainly didn’t give him permission.


  1. How precious , I hear you on the wish for them to slow and put the brakes on for a cuddle more often.

    • I saw the pics of your boys all dressed up for school and thought how fast they’re growing up, too. It’s crazy!

  2. Awwww!! 🙂 cuuuute

    • Thanks hun. I keep trying to catch more cuddles but he’s too busy!

  3. Those times are closeness are special. Maybe it can be part of bed-time story time? Maybe you just need another storm.

    • I keep trying to get him to snuggle in for some kind of bed time (or any time) but he’s just so busy. Bring on another storm 😉

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