Last year was pretty … up and down. Lots of down. And BeckyandJames paid the price as I lost my ability to write and then we were hacked, so, in order to start 2012 in good stead we had a party with those who support me and my blogging pursuits. We played cards, had a BBQ and enjoyed each others company well into the early morning.

Thanks to MYdrap, Australian Good Taste Magazine (read my review here) and Sassy Shoes by Terri for their support in us moving forward into a more positive year.

Now that I’ve thanked my closest supporters I want to get your guys involved in a little chatting and giveaways on the 30th of January, starting at 7.30pm on our Facebook page.


  1. Hi ya Becky – looking forward to hearing all about your amazing 2012. Will do my best to be at the party – sounds like fun! {remind me closer the time LOL}

  2. Hope everything goes smoothly Becky – I will try to join in xo

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