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Child Blogger,

"Doing my blog, Mum."

Yesterday, after I told Ellie she needed to eat her lunch I was amused as she answered “First, I wanted to take a photo before we eat it all.” I popped out to hang the clothes thinking She’s a Blogger’s kid through and through and I was pretty proud.

As I continued to hang the clothes I started to wonder what that actually means for my children. Where is there to go when you’re already photographing your food at four?

My thoughts then shifted to children, internet usage and safety. How can I teach them about keeping information to themselves once they start using Social Media (oh the horror) when I live my life on the net, here, on the blog? I am careful with what I reveal, of course, but will they see that or will they simply see that I share stories from our lives and not take my warnings seriously?

I found myself in a bit of a tizz, as I thought more and more about the complications which could arise from this little patch of internet I keep. I thought I should definitely close my blog down, not seriously – there was a touch of humour, thinking about the recently released Sh*t Oz Bloggers Say video and yet there was that part of my mind panicking just enough to actually contemplate it. Just a little.

I’ve thought about children and technology before, James and I have decided how we will deal with computer usage and discussed mobiles and even iPads, what age we think these things are appropriate and how we will manage the issues which can come up. But, I never factored my being a blogger into the mix. Maybe it doesn’t matter. Maybe it does.

Already, both girls are more than adept with our i-devices and Jasper is able to navigate my phone without too much issue. It’s amazing what they can do. Amazing and scary when I think about the fact that I am already feeling old and left behind!

I’ve been reading and reviewing a Digital Parenting magazine from Vodafone, which has so many great tips and ideas and with that and our own past discussions I was able to calm down somewhat. I do have a predisposition for worry and slight over reaction when I find a subject to gnaw at me and while this is a real issue I am starting to feel more confident.

I plan to approach this the same way I am approaching the Body Image issue which led me to many sleepless nights. Honestly. Through talking, showing them and learning together along the way. Since the girls are already interested in my blogging and the use of technology we can start these discussions now which gives me some relief as they will surely know the importance of Internet safety by the time they’re teens (the time I really worry about) if we’ve been talking about it for most of their lives.

How do you think being a blogger might (or does already) effect your children and how they use technology?


  1. Since my husband is in IT we have gadgets around all the time. For now, my concern is mostly about how much time he and I spend online. Our girls see us so that’s an image ever before them. My toddler already uses an iPad and iPod. We limit her time but it has been useful having these on road trips and plane flights, just to keep her entertained. She’s actually learnt a lot from using the iPad – numbers, colours, matching games, etc. As for being a blogger, I am not sure what they might learn other than maybe how to responsibly portray themselves online when the time comes. I guess it’s one of those things I’ve always seen as a work in progress. I hope I have the answers for the hard questions when the time comes.

  2. My 2yo son has been able to unlock and navigate my HTC and daddy’s iPod for months now. Scary. The responsibilities of parenting seems to never end!

  3. It’s a hard one. isn’t it? I sometimes wonder if at THIS age or THAT age, I will shut my blog down..for my girl’s sake. But on the other hand, could it provide a safer means for them to socialise then Facebook and the like?


    No straight answers! 🙁

  4. This whole topic scares me. MissE & missS are forever on Ipods or My Ipad. My brother got them ipods for xmas. MissE (4) even knows how to turn wifi on. Ive told her shes not to. Restricted access to youtube. The internet etc. But it still worries me.

  5. It is a worry. Especially when my three year old asked for some of the cake for ‘mummy’s blogs birthday.’ I haven’t really though about how my blogging might impact what the girls think they can share.
    I’ll have to start planning I suppose.
    Thanks! 🙂

  6. My ten year old wants to start a blog. On the one hand I see the educational aspect. On the other all the danger, perceived or otherwise. This parenting gig can be tricky at times. This is an awesome post

  7. My 2 year old is so proficient at using the ipad and iphone… I can’t imagine what his skills will be like in 2 years time. Or even longer. I guess we’ll just have to trust our instincts and go with the flow!!

  8. It’s scary to think just how proficient our kids will be at navigating the internet and social media, isn’t it? Just think – at their age we barely knew what a computer was!

    Like Veronica, my main worry is the amount of time *I* spend attached to my devices being a bad influence on them. I want them to play outdoors like I did! This is where I need to start leading by example – switch off the devices and play!

  9. My boys are almost 5 and 3.5years old. Both of them can work multiple different devices. Iphones, other smart phones, ipads and the computer. The have access to certain websites and games online (ABC4Kids and Reading Eggs for example) and they have their own phones, which is my old iphone and The Man’s old HTC. Both have been disconnected from the internet. The boys are a lot like their father and would happily play ALL day long, flitting from device to device as they get bored. I worry a bit for their future, as their father was seriously addicted to WoW at one stage and it almost caused the end of our family. I worry that they will follow in his footsteps and end up unmotivated, unhealthy, and sitting in their butts all day, collecting centrelink and playing computer games. As for me blogging, I worry that some day it could jeopardize their safety. I do not stay completely anonymous, but I do try and limit what I put out there, but I still worry that sometimes I don’t limit enough. In the end, I try not to think too hard on any one thing that might happen though because if I do it will consume me and I will stress, worry and obsess.

  10. My kids do not use our computer, ipod or iphone except to play the occaisional game, we don’t own a Wii, playstation or Xbox and sometimes I wonder, especially as my eldest starts school this year if she will be ‘behind’ the other kids when it comes to this kind of thing. At school, even from prep they are taught to use online tools, and all kids have their own netbboks from grade 4. I feel left behind sometimes, just because my 3 year old doesn’t have her own PSP!

  11. Firstly, that picture is priceless isn’t it?!
    Darn computers, we can’t escape them. I have had run ins with my 14 year old’s iPad usage at school this week. (Falling behind on homework thanks to social media.) Computers and kids keep getting matched up in a school environment and I don’t like it one bit. We can’t spend our lives watching over their shoulders and some days I wish we just went back to pen and paper.
    Sorry – ranty (I really have been up to my ears in child/pc issues this week and have little to say that’s favourable as a result!

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