Hurry Up

I hate my children being told to hurry up. Hate it with a passion. Hearing “Come on!” said in a terse manner or “Hurry up!” in an impatient tone not only makes me cringe, it makes me down right mad.

Why should they hurry so much? They’re children and there’s much to see, do and experience. Just because the rest of the world is whizzing around trying to get everything done at a ridiculous pace, it doesn’t mean that they need to as well. There will be plenty of time for that when they are older for that.

I particularly dislike it being directed at Kahlei who is such a free spirit. I don’t want her become disillusioned and have that innocent wonder disappear just because those around her aren’t taking the time to enjoy life and be themselves.

And so it makes me increasingly frustrated when we have a day like today, when I find myself getting impatient and hear those dreaded words coming out of my own mouth.

The worst part? We didn’t actually have anywhere to be, no appointment we might be late for, not a soul waiting on us and yet I was huffing and carrying on about getting done.

Every time I told my girls to “Just come on!” I would grit my teeth and berate myself. And then I would do it again. So, I made myself stop, breath and start again.

Which worked for all of five minutes.

I can’t even put a finger on why I was so tense or what I was in a hurry for.

Thankfully, naptime came giving me a chance for a quiet regroup. When naptime was the only thing ‘hurried up’ about our whole day, I decided an afternoon watching Beauty and the beast was in order and that was just what we all needed.

Tomorrow’s a new day and we won’t be in a hurry, but I am still annoyed at myself.

How do I counteract these kinds of days and do what I actually believe in, instead of letting the day’s mood or situation run my mouth without my consent?

It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. Hypocrite much?



  1. I agree, it frustrates me. I try hard not to use it as well, but some days….. It just gets so hard to not say it.

    Hannah tends to prefer running to wandering, so it is rarely necessary “Hannah, Stop.” is more common from me 😉

    • Haha. Yes, I have one that runs in front and the other drags her feet and I have to try and keep sight of both!

  2. I do get what you’re saying but to be honest mine are SUCH dawdlers and I do need them to get a wriggle on at times… x

    • Oh yes, I know that feeling. I have started asking Kahlei to hold on to the pram in order to keep her with me, other wise she stops to look at EVERYTHING and to take in people.

  3. Isn’t parenting the hardest thing in the world. We have all these wonderful ideas but the reality of it is as sleep deprived, time limited, hard on our selves parents, we only meet our own expectations some of the time. I think in the end, our kids know we love them and that we are doing our best. Beautiful picture; it warms the heart.

    • Thank you for your comment. It’s so true. So many of my preconceived notions about parenthood and how I would be as a parent have been blown out of the water. I’ve had to learn how to forgive myself and move on. Every day is a new day and another chance x

  4. Ugh, I know. I try not to say it except if we really are in a hurry for something important (I think punctuality is a trait worth enforcing too!) It does sneak at out times though, particularly when angry mummy is out!

  5. I hate saying it too but my son drives me crazy, it’s an effort to put his socks on. Every day I tell myself I will do better but it’s bloody hard sometimes. We’re only human 🙂

  6. I’ve found myself saying this way too much to my kiddos lately. There’s always something to do, some place to be, and something I need to get done, but I’m trying to be more “present” and conscious of the time I am spending with them!


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