Wordless Wednesday: January Photo a Day

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I joined in with Fat Mum Slim’s January Photo a Day last month, sharing on Instagram. If I follow on with February and if there’s one every month I might actually finish a 365 without it being an ordeal!

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  1. Amazing collage!

  2. Great minds think alike πŸ˜‰
    Love your collage! I’m so excited to see everyone’s Feb photos!

    • Yes! I’ve gone through and seen the other collages and am loving seeing them all together. I am printing this out and all the months I do from here on – I think it’ll be great to look back on.

  3. Then you can frame each month when you done! Love the moments captured in there, like the highchair pic πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Ash. I do like the idea of framing them. It’s been a fun challenge to be part of.

  4. they look fabulous like this
    I was too late to do Jan but I’m joining for Feb!

    • It’s a great way to capture things you normally wouldn’t. Look forward to seeing your Feb pics!

  5. It looks like a fab collection, esp seen altogether! Great to see your new blog look! I’ve been hopeless at catching up on blog reading but hopefully getting into a routine again!

    • I’ve been the same. It’s so hard to write a blog and read all the blogs you love and live and clean and so on. It gets a little on the sad side when you feel like people forget you but then I think about it and know that, really, most of them are just in the same place as me!

  6. I’ve just signed up to do the Feb challenge – lets do it together!

    Love the collage….is it a special plug-in or the standard one for your theme?


    PS: found you through WW

    • I am sure you’ll love it! I hope she’ll have one for every month and then I might actually finish a 365! It’s a good way to find new inspiration.

      I did the collage in photoshop, although I saw another blogger had used an online tool called Mosaic Maker, which I’ve not used but might be good.

      How will you be sharing your photos for the challenge? Are you on Instagram?

  7. Lovely photos! The more I look at people’s Photo a Day, the more I feel like joining in.

    • I highly recommend it! It doesn’t seem hard or painful and a the end of the month you have something different to look back on. I’m loving the inspiration to take photos of things other than my children everyday, because I still take heaps of them anyway. This way I am remembering more!

  8. Oh this is such a great idea! I am so horrible with printing photos out, they are all sitting on my computer doing nothing πŸ™ That and I can’t always be bothered dragging out the dslr with my big heavy lenses!! I really should use instagram for a bit of fun, it’s on my iphone :S Thanks for the inspiration, love it x

  9. What a great idea


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