So. This is Happening.

Starting the Tony Ferguson Weight Loss Program, Weight Loss Meal Substitutes,

Before the New Year, I was sent an email from Soup asking me if I wanted to try out the Tony Ferguson Weight Management Program. I’ll be trying the step one: New Start portion of the program, which will involve me replacing two meals a day with a shake or a soup from the range.

This needs to happen. Not because I want to look hot, although that won’t hurt. Not because I want to get skinny. But because I need to be healthy. I need to be fit. My size is merely a by-product of my health and as that improves so will how I look, which is neither here nor there for me anymore.

Yes, I will be thrilled to shop and find clothes I love that I could never even contemplate. Yes, I will be happy with the changes. Of course.

If you think you’re experiencing some De Ja Vu, you probably are. I wrote probably basically the exact same thing in September. And I meant it.


Except I was so sick and then so sad and I am still so sad and sore. In my heart and in my belly. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. I just have to get on with it, though.

So, as I say, this is happening. I have to admit, I am feeling quite nervous. I’ve tried shakes before. I’ve gagged and held my nose and not-so-eventually given up. I hate when they’re gluggy and how that feels in my mouth and going down my throat. If I can’t stand the texture of a food or drink, it’s not likely to make it into my stomach very often.

And soup. Soup and I are not friends. I only really like soups I make which are really water with stuff in it; never thick, or James’ pumpkin soup which is my one exception.

I am excited and nervous. And ready.

I’ll let you know how I go and if I can stand the taste, have you tried them? Tell me they’re not vial…


  1. No, they’re not vile – they’re pretty good actually. Not gluggy either, although if you’re adding fibre to the shakes(and this will make them more filling as well as the other benefits) drink them immediately or they will get thick. If you prefer shakes to soups, do mostly shakes. I love the Asian curry soup, and the Mediterranean Tomato is pretty good too!I don’t like the ready made drinks – too strong for my liking. Make diet jelly – you won’t regret it.

    • Thank you for letting me know! I was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to stomach them and I would be wasting them. But, so far they’ve been okay, even with adding the fibre. I just have to stir it VERY well!

  2. I am so sick of being overweight, but have I done anything about it? Of course not. Eating has become a terrible stress relief… that doesn’t work.


    • Hi Joyce, thanks for dropping by. I hear you, eating has definitely been a stress relief for me, too. It’s always been how I’ve dealt with things, which is completely terrible. I hope you can find something which motivates you!
      Off to check out your blog now.

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