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Once upon a time we used to play. I was all inspired. We were creative. I even linked up to Childhood 101‘s We Play linky most weeks.

Even when I wasn’t up to playing while pregnant I still made the effort to set up sensory tubs and invitations to play and then let the girls explore and play to their heart’s desire.

Somehow, this has fallen by the way side.

Well, okay, not somehow. We moved and most things were too hard to do at mum’s with 8 people in a house. Our play would get in other people’s way or teenage boys would be in our way.

So, along the way I stared taking the easy way out. Popping out the blocks, getting out the pencils and now that we have a play room, just letting them go nuts.

Not that there’s anything wrong with these types of play, of course, but just recently I realised there are so many important elements missing from their play. Not to mention that I have played less.

I am happy to let them play alone and to let them loose in the play room to choose what they will but, I want to start incorporating some more types of play and exploration back into our lives. Especially for Jasper, who has missed out on most of the messy, creative and sensory play I once arranged.

Given that I have spent so much of my life looking after and working with other people’s children; playing and offering opportunities to grow and learn through fun I am disappointed that I have not been so diligent in my own family’s growth. It’s a hard thing to swallow.

I keep thinking ‘I don’t know how this happened’, but to be honest, I simply must have become lazy. Complacent. Considering I know there is a wealth of great ideas on sites like Childhood 101, Picklebums and all the amazing things that can easily been found on pinterest, there is really no other explanation. Plus, there are so many easy activities to pull together that I already know.

This month, I intend to Focus on providing more opportunities for the children to play and get back to the basics of exploration. We’re going to get messy (sorry honey), get our hands involved, activate our senses, learn and have fun. Do you have any great play ideas? Or a favourite site you visit for ideas?



  1. Oh Becky, don’t be so hard on yourself. I’m guilty of this at the moment too. It’s only the last few days I’ve been thinking about this, so it’s quite uncanny to read your post.
    I think I’ll be visiting Childhood 101 and Picklebums too for a bit of inspiration. I think having Ella starting school next week has really given me a good kick up the bum to make the most of my children’s lives.

    • Thanks Kel. Since writing this post, I’ve become even more annoyed as it has taken me hardly any time to set things up, but you’re right – we don’t need more guilt in our lives!
      I hope Ella’s loving school and that you’re coping well!


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