Our Week in Play: 2 Easy Activities You Can Set Up in 5 Minutes

Play Ideas for toddlers, Sensory Tub Ideas,

Last week, I wrote about wanting to get back to the basics of play. The first thing I did was make a sensory tub filled with two different types of pasta, chick peas, spoons, petals, paper towel rolls and so on.

It took me all of five minutes to gather all the elements and put it together.

Five minutes.

And it’s been used countless times. There’s been lots of baking, mixing and imaginative play and throwing on Jasper’s part.

Toddler Play Ideas, Easy Play Ideas, Sensory Tub Ideas
Play Ideas for Toddlers and Preschoolers, Simple Play Ideas,

Another easy activity, which has been played with almost daily, has been the colander and pipe cleaners. Many hats have been made by sticking the pipe cleaners in the holes or turn it over and it’s a mixing bowl for an array of recipes.

Again, the set up took all of five minutes. Mostly because I couldn’t open the stupid packet the pipe cleaners came in.

I had so easily forgotten just how easy it can be to set up fun, fulfilling activities which have great benefits and I am inspired to continue to find new things to introduce.

I would love to hear what you’ve been playing; if you’ve written a play post recently please link me up in the comments!


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  1. Becky isn’t it great! I made a sensory tub with rice and hid all kinds of toys in there. Must say, pasta would have been a whole lot tidier. And I was just thinking we needed pipe-cleaners… great minds think alike huh?
    I bought a Montessori teaching book that had loads of good sensory and easy activities that focus on development.. one that stands out was a basket filled with two of lots of things and you have to match them. Make it harder by making everything 3 inch squares of material… a square of leather, fur, sandpaper, cotton, etc etc so you have to match on texture. Make it harder by putting them in a pillowcase and you can only use touch to match the items!

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