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Towards the end of last year I started to dabble with Art Journaling; splashing about a bit of paint and gluing in pretty things while exploring what I am thinking and feeling makes me happy.

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My Work Space

This year, I wanted to record this year in a creative way. At first, I was hoping to do so through Project Life but with money being what it is, that wasn’t a practical solution. So, until the start of February I was jotting in little notes in my diary, taking my photo a day and lamenting my lack of Project Life goodies. I know. Woe is me.

And then, while reading Sarah Barber’s blog – one of my favourite digiscrap designers – I was introduced to the wonderful Book Of Days*. Basically, it’s following along with Effy Wild as we document our lives in our Book of Days. Effy records videos of her completing her spreads and shares thoughts as well as techniques. There are prompts and challenges, which I am incorporating as I go along.

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Working with week 3's challenge prompt - Using Collage Elements

The best thing (other than the fact that the basic programme is actually FREE) is that it doesn’t matter if you are an Artiste Extraordinaire or simply someone who loves to throw a bit of paint around. I know that I will never be an artist and that’s not why I am doing this and so I love that my lack of skill is not an actual hurdle here.

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My first spread

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A bit of a love hate thing going on with this one

Already, through the videos, Effy’s blog, the chatter on Facebook (closed group only for those signed up for Book of Days) and from checking out the amazing work of other BODers I have learned so much. Mostly, though, I have discovered a lot about myself and overcome a few things. Like, my need for what I imagine I am about to art not coming out as expected. For the first few spreads I was trying too hard to please myself. Now, as I let go and simply have fun I find my pages more truly reflect how I am feeling and what I am thinking. Which, I really need.




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A quick one for Saturday

This is something I need, it’s part of how I am putting my FOCUS on me and things that make me happy and the best thing (yes, another best thing) is that this doesn’t take time away from my family. When I get my art on, so do the kids. Both girls have their own ‘Book of Days’ and often they are the instigators for getting the paint out. If Jasper’s not asleep then I give him some finger paint and together we explore life through art.

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So, while I am doing this...

Art Journaling for Children

They are collaging

Flinging Glitter, Art Journaling for Children

Flinging glitter

Art Journaling for Children

And creating things for me to add to my Book 🙂

Being able to do it together makes it a much more sustainable project for me. I am so into this and can’t wait to see the progress over the year. I am thinking I am going to need a crafty sponsor because I am obsessed with shopping for stamps, stencils, paints… you name it, I have my heart set on it.

I’m looking forward to sharing this experience with you guys. Are any of you into Art Journaling?

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  1. This sounds like a great project. I’m trying to do something of a journal scrapbook for 2012 but I’m really behind. Like you described, I feel the pressure to do it “perfectly” then struggle to get anything out at all. I need to stop that. What you’ve done looks really great do far.

    • This is so freeing, not having to be perfect means I can take 5 minutes a day and just get something done. I have always been someone who has great plans with not a whole lot of follow through, but this I plan to do for the year.

  2. Oh this looks fantastic!
    I’m a fan of scrapbookinb, but haven’t done any for absolutely ages. Lately my craft has been all about quilting or various forms of sewing.
    This is great cause you can do it with the kids. My girls would love that!

    • It really is fantastic! I am getting more excited and more obsessed daily!

  3. This does look like a great way of preserving some memories and creating keepsakes while discovering you

    • I highly recommend it! Honestly, not quite a month in and I am learning so much, having fun, making time to do something I love – even if it’s only five minutes.

  4. Wow. That really does look great. Must say, I’m not a huge fan of scrapbooking because of the “perfection” element – this looks much more interesting!

    • The perfection part is why I couldn’t really do paper scrapping and moved to digi where I could manipulate through PS and when it didn’t work I could just delete. This feels so good, to be ‘doing’ it and not worry about it being something wonderful.


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