Our Week in Play: Easy Play Ideas for When Mummy’s Feeling Sick

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I saw a version of this Mess-Free Finger Painting idea on Pinterest and thought it was a good idea, but didn’t really think it would be something I would use with my children as I love to let them get messy and explore when they paint. So, I filed it somewhere in my brain and moved on.

Come Thursday, I was exhausted and sick with a head cold, the girls were at Day Care and Jasper was demanding someone do something to entertain him. And, yes, I do love them to explore but some days I just really actually don’t want to clean up mess. Go figure.

I thought about getting the finger paint out, I thought about play-doh (but I would have had to make it) and suddenly I remembered the idea I’d seen, so I did a search and made him a little zip-lock pouch with blue, white and glitter which I taped to his little seat and he sat beside me while I did a little painting myself.

Play Ideas for When Mummy Feels Sick, Mess-Free Painting, Mess-Free Play,

Now, I have to admit, that I kind of jumped the gun on my initial thoughts on this activity. Other than the obvious relief of not having to clean up after all the fun was over. As a previous child care worker, I thought about some mothers who didn’t like their children to get dirty for one reason or another and wished I had known about this then, but really, it’s a great way to explore colour mixing and a different texture as well as different ways to manipulate paint.

It actually had a cool feeling to it and I am thinking of getting it out for the girls as well sometime, just to change things up and keep things fresh.

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I also added a cup of beads to our cup shaker collection (of one shaker of dried pasta) to let him explore the different sounds each shaker made and to experiment with the two together. I plan on making a few more over the next few weeks, slowly adding different variations such as rice for slight changes in the sounds they can make.

It’s noisy but it’s entertaining, fun, easy to put together and mess-free.

Just perfect when Mummy would rather not be picking up this, that and the other. Unless you have a headache, then maybe leave it for another day!!




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