Art Journaling for Busy Mums: Getting Started

Not even a month into my Book of Days art journal journey and I have already learned so much. About myself. About my expectations. About my girls. About arting and letting go.

As a digiscrapper and also on my recent post, I have heard much about people liking the idea of scrapping but the impracticalities of the ‘perfection’. That is exactly why paper scrapping doesn’t do it for me. I can’t get things ‘just right’. Even with the start of this book, I have had to get over myself. I am not an artist. I will never be, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t go through the BOD galleries and wish I could do the amazing things I see in there. It also doesn’t mean that I cannot have my very own art journal.

So, I am here to tell you, busy mums, that YOU can art journal. You don’t have to be arty. You don’t have to allocate heaps of time to it. You don’t have to spend heaps of money. You don’t even need to be ‘into’ art. It’s true. It’s a way to release, play and grow and I am becoming increasingly passionate about what throwing a little paint around can do for a person.

To start an art journal, all you need is the desire to explore yourself and the ability to (try to) let go of your perfectionism.

Everything else, I am pretty sure you will already have;

* A book to work in, whether it’s a notebook, an old book to alter, a pad, loose leaf sheets to put in a folder.
* Paints
* Pens/Textas
* Glue stick
* Odds and ends; bubble wrap from packages, paper bags, tissue paper, stamps, magazines…

That’s it.

Obviously, once you’re completely obsessed, like me, you will probably become obsessed with adding craft supplies to your collection!

So, you’ve got a book, raided the craft box and you’re ready to go – now what?

Simple. Let go.

Don’t think about it. Just jump right on in. The less you think, the better.

Yes, really. Be in the moment, feel your emotions and convert them onto paper. It can be as crazy and messy as you like and, since it’s only for you, it can be as open, honest and raw as you like.

The process and the result is perfectly imperfect and sometimes, you won’t like what you see – or what you’ve learned – but, that just gives you something to work on.

I did a little video of my Feb 29 spread to show you how quickly and easily you can pull together something. It’s not what I had envisaged, but it never is.

Also, everything is reversed – not sure how to fix that! If you’re interested in this, though, I just thought it would be a reference point for those of you who think it would take too much time out of your day.

I’ve removed all the chatter, because BOY can I talk – it might be a sign I might be a tad lonely if I am nattering away to the video in such a desperate manner!

(sorry about the weird ‘soundtack’)

I like to ‘prep’ (paint the background…)  my page the night before if I am onto a new one, I grab some colours, plop it on the page and spread it on so it can dry over night. I very rarely sit down with a plan in my head now, all I knew for this was that I wanted to explore what I would do if I had an extra day in which I could just do anything in contrast with how I actually did spend the leap day (ie sick, whingy, napping).

Extra day, what would you do with an extra day, leap day 2012, art journaling

I kinda like how it looks upside down better, now that I’ve watched the video! Addressing that is part of my journey. I don’t love what I have done, but it’s documented a moment, a thought and where I am at in my ‘art’.

So, mums –  take five minutes, grab a book, splash some paint around and get dirty. You never know what you might learn!

If you already art journal, I would love to see anything you’ve shared on the subject and if you’re thinking of taking the plunge link me up if you post!

At the moment, I am contemplating a monthly (if I can contain myself) post on my progress as I am unsure if these posts interest you guys or not, so I don’t want to flood my blog with insane ramblings of a paint obsessed woman. Or maybe I do, who knows.

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  1. Thanks for sharing at, including the quick video. I must move past my perfectionism! I’m keen but …… No buts, huh?

    • Haha, pretty much! When I started, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try; I would either get into it or not and it wouldn’t matter. Go for it 😉

  2. Becky – now I get it! Thanks for sharing, I love the idea, esp the part about letting go… being a perfectionist also I’m a shocker at ‘starting over’ cause I perceive something is imperfect. Great lesson Becky x

    • I’m glad! I knew I wasn’t doing a very good job explaining!

  3. Love that little video (wold love to know how you out it together too!)

    I’m glad that you have found something so helpful for you, and such a creative outlet. I Like the idea, but I don’t honk I have the patience or the drive at the moment.

    • Thanks Jess. I put the video together in iMovie, I know it can do more… but, I am just able to use the basics!

  4. I used to do some scrapbooking, both paper and digi. Digi scrapping is WAY tidier!
    Do you print your digi scrapping creations, or just share them online or via your computer? I find I just don’t get the time anymore.

    • Love digi so much more. It’s easier to get away with doing it, too, as there’s not the set up and pack up during the kids down time!
      I don’t print them unless I’m making a book for my nan or mum. I want to get them printed, the intention is there.

  5. I love the concept of embracing imperfection through art. I have paintings around the house that I have done and a large mosaic outdoor table that took me AGES… but so worth it. Thanks for the new ideas. 🙂

    • Hi Misha, I am loving the ability to make mistakes or ‘srt ugly’ and it just being what it is. It’s amazing what it does for me and that’s why I got so excited to share because I, for one, would not have thought an un-arty person could get so much from this.

  6. ive always wondered about art journalling since i saw it on pinterest. This post is awesome.

    • Thanks! I love it. I first enjoyed looking at the beautiful creations others made, but now I just adore creating even though it never looks like those things I first saw. I highly recommend it!


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