Kony2012: My Thoughts.

Yesterday morning, my 16 year old brother asked me to look up Kony2012. Until that moment, I’d not heard of Kony, at least, I didn’t think I had. The fact is, that I’ve heard of some of the horrible things which happen in Uganda but I had no idea. No idea.

A few hours later, my timeline was filled to bursting with a video and, if you haven’t seen it everywhere then you’re probably my grandparents. I know many people have chosen not to watch, which is absolutely a legitimate choice to make and, had I not been asked directly by Caleb I am not sure I would have clicked through. At least, not for some time.

So, yes, I have seen the video and I am now watching it again as James watches it for the first time as The Project airs it. In the interest of full transparency, I have also shared the video, though not straight away and not without some research.

Now. My above statement may bring me some heated comment, but let me explain my reasons.

In all aspects of life, I strive to be informed. In this day and age, we have the ability to learn, grow and research to an amazing extent. Yes, there are so many questions about the company behind the Invisible Children, about their transparency, about the 31% which goes to the actual issue and where the other money goes and whether or not their money is, in fact, funding another war mongering, blood thirsty movement and the perception that they are calling on more bloodshed in a region which has had ‘peace’ since 2006. There has been a recent update with some answers on their site, in case you’re wondering about how Invisible Children will address the concerns.

That there are questions and discussions happening is good, in my opinion. Before yesterday we didn’t have any idea and now we are learning. And knowledge is power. I think empowering our youth is important, educating and giving them passion for being compassionate is wonderful.


I believe the Kony2012 video should be the start of arming yourself with more information and finding the right channels in which to give your money, time, skills – whatever it is that you are hoping to donate to this cause. If you’re not convinced with the answers provided by the Invisible Children, then do your research and find the appropriate place for your well meaning donations.

Being part of this revolution means being informed.

And I absolutely believe this video should be watched. Absolutely. I also think that we should investigate before we let our heartstrings do the talking. Which, I know is hard. I know. Seeing those images, hearing the story of Jacob, it’s hard to not want to do everything possible then and there. But, more than that I want to do everything possible in a way which will make the most impact, in the best way.

Joseph Kony is the epitome of evil, an evil I did not know a mere 24 hours ago. Shining a light on his actions, creating awareness and telling those who seek to destroy that the world will not tolerate tyrannical behaviour is a good thing. The capture and trial of this man is needed, well overdue and I will stand up and say “Let’s catch this bastard!” I am 100% behind that.

At the moment, I am not sure the Kony2012 is the way to do it. There are so many complex issues, so many things we still need to know but that doesn’t mean we can’t raise our voice and be heard on the one thing we all agree on: Joseph Kony must be caught and tried. The more we scream it the more pressure we put on those in power.

So, I am going to share the link to the video here, and I am going to say arm yourself. Learn. Ask questions and research. This is not a bandwagon to jump on. To look cool and caring. This is real. I hate the comments I see of people making judgements of those sharing – watch and tell me that you’re just ‘being cool’. The fact remains, though, that it’s easy to share and get involved without all the information. I don’t want to do that and I hope you don’t either.

I would love to know what you think, but please be respectful of those commenting and myself. We all have opinions and this seems to be something we’re all passionate about ‘discussing’. If you’ve written something please leave your link as I’d love to read it.




  1. I agree with you 100%. I think a lot of people have missed the point of what the video and the movement is about, which is to learn and gain knowledge about the situation. They are quick to condemn Invisible Children and the Kony2012 movement for whatever reason, and tell everyone else that they should condemn too, when really the main aim is to educate the world, so that people are aware of what’s happening. They say that constantly in the video, it’s not like it’s a big secret. Thanks for a well written and well thought out post.

  2. Becky I really enjoyed reading your post today as you put words to what I felt and thought while watching the same video, for many of the same reasons. It is SO important to arm oneself with information and then to make informed decisions rather than simply following the (social media influenced) crowd. I agree that this is a man who needs to be caught but I feel uncomfortable supporting this particular ‘movement’.

  3. Watched the video and was shocked by this man and the atrocities he has continued to commit! But I agree with some of the media in that this whole awareness of the video could backfire and go the other way??? Just really something that we need to pay attention to! Bless the children of the world!

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