Wordless Wednesday: Moments

Sleeping Baby, Baby and love, Baby and Favourite toy, Wordless Wednesday
Jasper and his love, sleeping baby photo, sleeping baby, baby's favourite toy
child taking photos, black and white child,
Black and white child, photo of child taking photo, wordless wednesday
Child dancing, black and white photograph, child photograph, Wordless Wednesday, Poser
Wordless Wednesday, Child dancing, dancing photograph, black and white child,
Cat, Wordless Wednesday, Furr Baby,
Golden Retriever, Family dog, Scrappy, Wordless Wednesday
Sunset, after the rain, wordless wednesday

Our first sunset after all the rain

 Playing Wordless Wednesday with
My Little Drummer Boys


  1. And what beautiful moments they are !

  2. YOur photos are beautiful.

  3. the photo of your little girl with the camera is just devine!!!

  4. Just gorgeous. Your dancing girl is adorable, and your pets’ eyes are amazing!

  5. Beautiful each and every photo

  6. All your shots are just adorable!

  7. Oh Becky,all such beautiful photos. Your girls are just divine – I LOVE the ‘taking pictures’ shot, insanely cute. And baby sleeping moments are the best, I too love watching them curl up peacefully. You have pretty sweet pets too (a tad jealous though as they seem to pose better for picture taking than my children do! LOL)

  8. Becky, your photos are divine, as are your children 🙂

  9. Hello there, thanks for sharing these photos. I especially love the little hand clenched there, and also the expression on your little girl’s face. And the beautiful dog, such a great use of that lens, lovely!!

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