Return of the Hover

On Tuesday morning, I took the Munchies to the park. I was feeling quite ill thanks to my children sharing the flu with me and I thought I would let them run around and get rid of some energy before nap time. I thought I would be able to sit and watch, as I always do. Watch Ellie develop her climbing skills. Watch Kahlei grow her confidence as she tackles new challenges. Watch Jasper run around.

At first, it was all fine. I was able to let my pounding head rest while Ellie made her way halfway up the ‘spiders web’, Kahlei sang to ‘her baby’ and Jasper dug and then swam in the wood chip.

And then; it happened.

Jasper went for the steps and I knew my nice relaxing morning was over. In fact, all relaxing mornings are over until he reaches ‘that’ stage.

You see, as each of my children have transitioned from happy-to-toddle-on-the-ground to I’m-gonna-climb-that, I have transitioned myself from a reasonably calm parent, happy to watch unless required to a semi-helicopter parent in the play ground (well, I may have been a fully fledged helicopter parent for Ellie). I am comfortable with this change in behaviour on my part because I now know that once each child gets to a certain point, I will again transition back to being able to trust their abilities and give them the freedom they need to grow, develop and challenge themselves.

Both of my girls have grown in leaps and bounds as I let go of my worry wart ways. Once they are adept with certain skills I felt alright to allow them to try things on their own and, when they need help they ask and what they weren’t quite able to do last week they can this time around.

However, both girls tend to know their limits. They push themselves just enough to learn but not too much to have my heart in my mouth. Unfortunately, I don’t think Jasper will be as level and … good on Mumma’s nerves.

Once Jasper knew there was fun up those stairs he was going to have it.

He watched each of his sisters go down the slide before deciding that was his next move, which is where my hovering comes in. I know he can safely and confidently climb steps, so that part’s fine. But, he doesn’t seem to get that there’s a reason his sisters are sitting before they slide… He’s more into simply stepping out or diving head first, it turns out.

Mostly, it all went well. I let him do his climbing and gave the girls the attention they needed (I had to say “GO” while they went down) as he did so. Then, I was trying to get a video of Kahlei’s hair and it’s reaction to the slide when all of a sudden Jasper was stepping out and going down with her.

Thankfully, he was fine, if a tad shaken. But, now he’s certain that’s how it’s done. He tries to race me and get on before I can help him. The child is crazy.

I love that he’s such boy, even if it gives me a heart attack!!!!

How do you parent at the playground?



  1. Now that my youngest is 5 I realise I’ve totally forgotten what this stage is like. Having my niece and best friend’s daughter around over the last 12 months has reminded how tense this period is, where littlies just want to explore with no sense of fear! To be honest I LOVE that my kids are a little older and more self sufficient now lol

    • I am so looking forward to that stage (while also not looking forward to it).

  2. Arh, boys! Theyhave no fear! They are just so… boistrous. 🙂

    I hope you poor nerves just get a little frazzled, not completely fried. I love your pics btw, they are gorgeous! xx

    • Haha, Rae. While I have my brothers I had no idea exactly how boisterous a boy can be!! I love that he’s such a boy, it’s a whole new world but boy am I tired!! And you have two! You’re super mumma!

  3. I’m hanging out for the day I can just sit back, observe (and yell out the occasional encouraging phrase) and enjoy a coffee while we’re at the park and not have to worry about steps and ledges…

    • It’s a good place to be. I love (or loved, I guess) that it gave me a break and that I could be involved if they wanted me to but if they were happy I could enjoy them enjoying. I look forward to it all over again!

  4. What a wonderful video on a great post! Thank you for sharing with us. 🙂

    • Thanks Cassandra. The kids love watching the video back, they think it’s hilarious!

  5. I know that stage all too well. Xanthe is there but having already gone through it with my boy who is aptly nicknamed “stunt-meeps”, Xanthe is much easier.

    • Ellie was pretty into everything, but, now that I have Jazz I realise she was doing it in a much more sensible way. And certainly a less BUSY way!
      Love his nickname, although that tendency has probably given you some heart attacks!

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