Happy Anniversary

5 Years ago today, James and I were married.

In front of a Pearl Lugger.

In Broome.

With Cyclone Kara imminent.

Broome Weddings, Eloping to Broome, Wedding Photogrpahs

Five years,

3 busy children,

8 pregnancies,

a cat,

a dog,

a sold house,

a big move,

a new job,

8 puppies,

3 big hospital stays,

and 9 months living with my mum and brother

and we’re still surviving.

Love You x


  1. Beautiful Becky! Happy Anniversary!xx

    • Thank you Rae – is your anniversary the same day as ours? I know it’s sometime around then…

  2. Happy Anniversary!!!

    I hope you had a wonderful, loving day together 🙂

    Such a wonderful milestone with many more happy years to come, I’m sure x

    • Thanks Lauren!

  3. That is a gorgeous photo – and Happy Anniversary! Us March wedding peeps are awesome 😀

    • Thanks Kel, it’s my favourite photo. I agree, we are indeed awesome! Best month to marry.

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