I Haz Drawing Skillz

At the moment I have a lot of darker posts swirling around my head, but I don’t have the energy to write them. My house is full of gastro stricken whingy poos, so I thought a lighter post was in order.

You’ve probably seen DrawSomthing posts around, or screen captures. It’s the first ‘with friends’ game I’ve been truly hooked on. I have decided I am ‘collecting’ 99+ score games. I’ve got two so far. And, honestly, I’m not sure why I haven’t reached that golden number a couple more times by now. My drawing skills are amazing. Amazing.

Here are some of my best and while I know you will instantly know what each is, I will still tell you. Just as a nod to myself, really, and just how awesome I am.

DrawSomething, Drawsomething Drawings, Funny DrawSomething Drawings, Boot Drawing


Evil Easter Bunny, DrawSomething Drawings, Drawing Skills


DrawSomething, Drawsomething Drawings, Funny DrawSomething Drawings, Hippo Drawing


DrawSomething, Drawsomething Drawings, Funny DrawSomething Drawings, Zombie Drawing


DrawSomething, Drawsomething Drawings, Funny DrawSomething Drawings, Zelda Drawing


DrawSomething, Drawsomething Drawings, Funny DrawSomething Drawings, Flamingo Drawing

FLAMINGO (the first one while actually LOOKS like what it's meant to - huzzah)

Mine are not the only brilliant drawings. Here are my three very favourites;

DrawSomething, Drawsomething Drawings, Funny DrawSomething Drawings, Lady Gaga Drawing


DrawSomething, Drawsomething Drawings, Funny DrawSomething Drawings, Pee Drawing

PEE by My Mother (I am scarred for life)

DrawSomething, Drawsomething Drawings, Funny DrawSomething Drawings, Crab Drawing

CRAB (obviously. Definately not some kind of Pokemon, as first thought) by My Mum

Do you play? Have you discovered you are a natural (like me, obviously?) or do you watch your drawings back and, find yourself going “What The…?”


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  1. Hahaha I’m less talented than you! I usually have to write something as well as draw!

    • I often have to write a little something, too. And, I can wake to messages with a screen shot saying “What the??” lol. It’s too much fun, though!

  2. I love this game! πŸ™‚ Usually no time during the day to draw a lot but I catch up at night.. it is so addictive haha. Add me if you don’t mind at @AiSakuraHaruka πŸ™‚

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    • I don’t have time in the day, either. I do all my drawings at night before I go to sleep (can I blame my bad drawing on being tired? lol)
      I’ll add you tonight! You’re in for such a treat, hehe.

  3. oh i LOVE this game! LOVE! i hope you are feeling brighter soon x

    • It’s so good, isn’t it? Thanks Lyndal – I’m getting there slowly.

  4. Yep I am addicted to though not nearly as good as you as I only have a 29 game streak!

    • Well, one 99 game streak is with my husband, who may or may not be constantly asking me exactly WHAT I’ve drawn for him… hehe.

  5. Ah, those drawings made me laugh. I am a terrible drawer – Drawsomething has just confirmed this for me, yet I remain addicted! The crab one and the pee one are fantastic. Your Mother is an artistic genius!!

    • I am so glad they gave you a laugh. I like to look at them when I am not feeling my best. I think the worse you are the more you enjoy it because you’re not taking yourself too seriously.

      I am pretty sure I get my amazing skills from my mother. Obviously πŸ™‚ I will tell her you said she’s an artistic genius, she will be stoked.

  6. Oh your hippo is so cute!

    I love draw some but I just haven’t had the time to play much lately. I would also love more colours but boatman says we are not allowed to buy them πŸ™

    • Haha, thanks Jess. If I am remembering correctly, the person I was playing with didn’t get it!

      I don’t have much time to play it, but have found most people have already moved onto some new game so I can quickly catch up before I go to sleep.

      I’m not allowed to buy new colours either, but I made a few coins from all the games I played at the start to get some other colours.

  7. I love your Link! It looks like a fun game I wonder if Joe would play it with me though.

    • It is good! Especially when you can give the person you’re playing with hints πŸ˜‰ hehe

  8. I must live under a rock, I’ve never heard of this game before. Although it probably wouldn’t help if I had as drawing is by no means my forte! Keep having fun with it – looks like a hoot!

    • Thanks Kristy! Drawing’s not my forte, either!!

  9. I love draw something! It is so much fun πŸ™‚ Your drawings cracked me up!

    • Thanks Robyn. I love to go look at them when I need a laugh. So glad I didn’t want to be an artist, hehe.

  10. I’ve seen that one floating around and haven’t been game to join in… now I’m tempted! It looks like a lot of fun. πŸ™‚

    • Oh go for it!! It is fun and it doesn’t matter where your skill lies!

  11. Totally addicted! Must check now………..

    • Haha. It’s so good. Ridiculously so.


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