5 Reasons I Should Be at #DPCON12 Tomorrow & the 1 Reason I Won’t Be

If you’re a parent/mummy blogger in Australia, chances are you know about the Digital Parents Conference which is taking place in Melbourne tomorrow. Chances are you’ve got a ticket and you’re on your merry way. Or you’re freaking out. Or,  like me, you’re all mopey because you’re about to miss THE do of the year for parent bloggers.

Unfortunately, I will not be attending. At first I thought I would be okay about it. Turns out, I’m not. So, I thought I would share with you five reasons I should be there;

1. I am having a tough time. Mental Mumma is Mental and I desperately need a weekend away. Alone. This would have been the perfect excuse at the perfect time. My family need the break from my crazy and I need to have the chance to do something for me and recharge.

2. I’ve had a couple of disastrous attempts at connecting with other bloggers, most recently the Bloggers Brunch and, notably, last year’s Blogopolis. I know I should be trying again. Reaching out, branching out, growing and I can only overcome these demons by pushing forward and continuing to go to events which scare me.

3. I belong there. As much as I feel like I am an odd one out when I am there – I know that I do belong. These people get me. They know more about me and I know more about them than I do about so many others. So many amazing women I want to meet and chat to.

4. There’s so much to learn. I love that twitter and Instagram will be flooded with tips and tricks and great ideas, but being there, soaking up the knowledge of those who are making it is something entirely different. I love to discover, I love taking notes and becoming more knowledgeable about something I am so passionate about.

5. I want to be there.

They sound like pretty good reasons to be there, yet I won’t be. And there’s only one reason I won’t be;


I did some sorta-kinda sponsorship searching but I wasn’t driven. This year was meant to be the time for James to attend conferences with me, but he didn’t seem into it, which disappointed me but I can’t blame him – even though I wish I could. I know I started to doubt myself. I started thinking I wasn’t worth sponsoring. I started to think it wasn’t worth me even trying because I would get there and be pathetically anti-social as always. I let ME get the better of me. Which is completely disappointing.

I will, begrudgingly, watch my Twitter feed for updates and have a little grumble about all the Instagram updates. And I will learn from this. Hopefully, for the next event which comes up I will think I’m worthy to be there.



  1. I will miss you. The end.

  2. I would love to have gone too but I just had a baby so it was never on the cards. Although I am not sure I would have been able to get there anyway. I too will be stalking all the updates and soaking in what others are learning. Maybe next time…this is not our time to go.


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