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Quality Time, Quality Daddy Daughter Time, Lego Friends,

On our return from our recent weekend sans children, we gave each child a few little gifts, with the most exciting being some Lego Friends sets for the girls. Since first discovering that the new ‘girl Lego’ wasn’t degrading as I had first thought at a recent Brunch there has been an explosion of aqua, pink and purple brinks in our house.

The sets were given late Sunday afternoon and they were told Daddy could help them put them together after work Monday night. All day Monday I heard “Is Daddy home yet?” as they waited for him. While the excitement of new toys was absolutely a driving factor in the whole day’s excitement and impatience I also realised that both Ellie and Kahlei were craving time with James. Not once did they ask me to help them instead, there wasn’t any interest in ‘just having it done’, they were going to wait to build their Lego with Daddy. Even if it meant driving me crazy waiting.

Yesterday, Ellie spent the whole day with James. They went to Super Cheap Auto, they went to Aldi, they changed the oil in my car and they built work benches for the garage before having showers and then snuggling down together to watch The Biggest Loser after dinner.

Quality Time, Quality Daddy Daughter Time,

I love that they enjoy doing those things together.

But, I worry. Because Kahlei does not want to spend her Saturday/Sundays in Bunnings, working on cars or working on anything actually. She and James don’t spend much one-on-one time and they need to. She is desperate to do things with him and is craving that time more than anyone else.

I’m not sure how to encourage them.

What do your husbands do with the children? How do you work the one-on-one time in your family?


  1. Two of my girls LOVE to watch Top Gear with their dad. Blahh – insane I know. The other just likes to have cuddles. I must say he makes a big effort with all three – which is fabulous. He’s a pretty hands on Dad and thought he teases them a bit much I wouldn’t change it for the world 🙂 Love those photos!!

  2. My small one loves nothing more than Daddy Time, and I’m also stoked when they head off to Bunnings and I don’t have to go!! Loving the blog, Becky, and have given you the “Liebster Award”. Feel free to check it out:
    Mandie 🙂

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