Putting Pen to Paper. Again.

Handwriting Challenge

In September of 2012 I happened upon a blog named Babble On which laid down a challenge to hand write and send a letter a week for six weeks which got me all excited and I sent off some letters to my nearest and dearest. I loved the act of writing, it was so therapeutic and a return to the way I used to do everything. With a pen and with paper. My thrill about the challenge kind of ended there, however, as I didn’t feel my recipients felt the same and, more often than not, I never even heard that my letter had arrived.

Now, that blog is named Clairey Hewitt, it’s one of my favourite blogs to read and the handwriting challenge has been started again, as soon as I read that I was in.

But, then, I started to feel the disappointment of having my excitement diminished when those receiving didn’t … I don’t know, ‘get it’ and while I know it’s not actually really about ME when I send things out, it still put a damper on my wanting to participate. I started wondering who I could even send to now, given that last time I probably exhausted my list of people to write.

Then, as I did some handwriting in my Art Journal, I started to think of a new approach for my take on the challenge. Being a part of the group doing Book of Days means I am able to be part of the lovely Facebook group, known as The Sisterhood of the Book. Initially I joined for the arting inspiration and didn’t have any idea exactly what would come from it.

The Sisterhood is amazing. It’s a quiet corner of Facebook where I have found 500 other souls to connect with in a way I never even thought possible. The love and support there is amazing. Even when a Sister is having a hard time there is a positivity and a coming together which lifts the poster up. We share our trials and tribulations, our art, thoughts, happiness, inspiration and spread the glitter. All in a little corner of Facebook.

There is a happy mail exchange within the group and I have been blessed with three happy filled envelopes, but have yet to actually send any. I have little piles put aside and hope to send them off soon, but now I want to make sure I send a sister a letter every week for six weeks.

I have no idea what I will write and, for the most part, who I will write to but this feels like the way to go. Now, I am excited again.

Love writing? Pop over to Clairey’s blog and join in!


  1. I love the idea of this challenge. I was actually just on twitter trying to work out how to become a part of it.

    Fairy wishes & butterfly kisses from #teamIBOT

  2. Yes, I have seen the challenge and wondered about getting involved, but to be honest, I just don’t enjoy hand-writing that much these days *gasp*! We have a sponsor child and I struggle getting letters written to him even every couple of months… it just doesn’t really get on my radar these days.

  3. Sometimes I find people ‘get’ when you write cards rather than letters, maybe because you really can’t send a card the same as you can email a letter. (if that makes sense, lol). But better to write to people who’ll appreciate it :).

  4. I think even when they don’t respond to you or even acknowledge they received something, those people still really loved receiving it.

    But good luck finding some new people to write to, all part of the challenge.

  5. Love the post. Sounds like a great idea. I might follow your leads!

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