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At the beginning of the year I chose FOCUS as my word to incorporate into life for 2012. Throughout January, I loved setting my sights on participating in Fat Mum Slim‘s Photo a Day challenge, which gave me some of my photo mojo back.  In February, I put my energy into focusing on bringing play back into our lives. It led to play being an easy part of our days and we haven’t looked back. During March I got into the habit of recording life via my Art Journaling.

In April, I lost all focus. My eyes were blurred behind tears and my mind wandered to what should have been. I have no idea what we did, where we went and I didn’t really work in my Book Of Days., so I can’t even look back at that. To be honest, I didn’t even notice that my heavy heart had made me somewhat absent until, one day, it was May and I was wondering what had happened to April. I looked in my BOD and was dismayed to find blank pages.

So. It’s May and it’s time to refocus. The blur is disappearing and I’m making plans. This month I’ve got my eyes on walking/running 6 days a week with my Ease into 5ks app and making this workout thing more of a habit and less of a chore. March is about starting to get really, truly serious about getting Fit and Fab. I have a goal of losing 8kgs by my 29th birthday.

I also already have plans for June, it will be the month of Self Love. I have a wonderful project to do with my girls to help them develop a sense of self, a way to show them there’s more to them than their looks and to show them that I am learning to love myself. I’m so excited and still tossing up whether or not to put it out there for others to join in throughout the month. This is the idea and I plan on writing something I love about the kids each day, as well as them sharing what they love about themselves. If you’re interested in doing it with your children too, let me know and I’ll write up a post with some more details and thoughts before the end of May.

Have you ever lost focus? For a whole month? How did you get yourself back in line?

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  1. My head says Focus.. My body is too lazy..

    This month and pretty much the of the year and beyond I need to concentrate my focus on toilet training my daughter. I give in too easily..I give up and put it at the back of the cupboard for months.. where she should really start toilet training now. Or she’ll never get into 3yr old kindy.

    I hope you find your focus.

    I had a year of things I wanted to achieve.. but not really focused on them.

    You have been visited by a member of #teamIBOT 🙂 have a great day!

    • I am much the same. Wanting to focus but not having the real motivation to get out and do whatever it is I have to do. I am hoping this year changes that. A little!!

      I hope you get the toilet training done. It’s hard, isn’t it? My second daughter is not as easily trained as my first was and it’s so very discouraging.

  2. don’t be too hard on yourself. Losing focus every now and then is ok, and so so normal. I love your attitude and dedication to making a month of self love – we should all give ourselves that little bit more i think.

    good on you and good luck ! xx

    • Thanks Tahlia. I am trying not to be too hard, trying to remember that sometimes my brain needs some down time but wanting to act on things rather than saying “well, I sure wish I’d bother to….” add any brilliant idea I’ve ever had!

  3. Um, I regularly lose focus… for a whole month, or more. Sounds like you are onto a great thing… and great that you are set to re-focus. I also like the idea of “focus” as opposed to “discipline”. Look forward to hearing more about May and June.

    • Thanks Julie. I do prefer to think in terms of focus rather than discipline, the word makes me want to rebel straight away!

  4. I don’t know what happened to April either. I often lose focus, and it can be disheartening – but I think it’s important not to dwell on it and keep moving forward. I love the idea of creating a month of self love – it’s so important that our kids are aware of that, and can also see us caring for our own needs as well. It sounds like you’ve got some awesome goals there – and I’m sure that you’ll be able to get back into them again.

    • How is this year going so fast??

  5. Hi Becky – It looks like the universe has kindly answered your call. Your friend Pene just paid for the course and is giving a buddy spot to you. Check your email soon and looking forward to connecting with you at a whole new level in June!


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