Rice Paper Rolls. You’re Doing it Wrong.

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Rice paper packages tied up with string...

I’ve read much about rice paper rolls recently and when I happened upon Nic’s (of Planning with Kids) Child friendly recipe the night before shopping I did a little research and made up a list of what we would need to try them out. I was excited and started dinner preparations with a positive spring in my step.

I was pretty sure we were about to discover a new family favourite.

Unfortunately, I am not the domestic goddess I imagine when I find something new to try. For some reason, this fact escapes me. Every time. And, somehow, I tend to believe what I am about to make is going to be spectacular.

In the end, I managed to fill the ‘rolls’ too much (again and again, apparently I was not paying much attention) and served up a meal of Rice Paper Packages with a side of wedges. I probably left the rice paper in the water too long as well. Just a few of my mistakes along the way, ending up with my whole family pulling lots of unimpressed faces at me as they tried the amazing dish I had placed in front of them.

No one was going to eat them. So, I told them to open them up, I’d made them all dinner presents …


Do you eat rice paper rolls? Do you make them? Do you have any tips for me or am I beyond help?

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  1. hey, nothing wrong with rice paper parcels!! good on you for giving it a go, AND being super creative when they weren’t too impressed… i love dinner presents 😀

  2. Hmmmmmmmmmm, not sure what happened here, but, yeah, you’re doing it wrong. LOL!

  3. That’s a nice way of presenting it! I’d love a dinner present! Although lately pleasing me has been so difficult that no one dares to try and cook me anything anymore 🙁

    There is not much I’m good at when it comes to cooking, but I’m actually good at rice paper rolls. I don’t let the rice paper go in the water, I hold on to it just until it gets soft and then I take it out.

  4. I love rice paper rolls and make them often. I love your idea of dinner presents. Kids would love that. Rachel x

  5. Lol. Love your creative solution. Yes, I’m guilty of the over-filling too – with rice paper rolls, burritos, san choy bow… you name it. So yummy though!

  6. Love your creative solution! I have found with rice paper rolls that they will roll better if you put the filling towards on side of the rice paper (rather than putting it in the centre like you would with a burrito). Then you have more rice paper to roll with & it seems to stay together better.

  7. I think you have just provided me with a wonderful idea to try and get my somewhat fussy 2 year old to eat some different veggies – rice paper dinner presents! Fantastic, and they still look yummo to me 🙂

  8. Our family just loves rice paper rolls. It’s taken a few years to get the amounts right and what we put in them. Plus they all are used to sushi and other foods… so guess I’m just lucky!

  9. I am an overstuffer as well. I so love the dinner parcel idea. Not only did you get a lovely new dinner but a great blog post as well

    Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses #teamIBOT

  10. I actually think the parcels look much better than rolls…seriously ! I have no pragmatic tips to give you, I’m afraid. But you have inspired me to check out Nic Avery’s recipe for this (I swear by her Banana and Oats Muffins!)

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