Wordless Wednesday: This is Me

self portrait, self acceptance, wordless wednesday

This is me.

No great angle.

No facial close up.

No touch ups.

The honest truth.

The start of being more accountable.

The next time I post a ‘This is me’? I want to have lost 8kgs.

At least.

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  1. You are beautiful inside and out Becky. And I love the way you always stay so strong and positive.

    • Thank you Misha, although, ironically your comment made me tear up. But, honestly, thank you so much.

  2. What Misha said. xx

    • Thank you Penny. I was so nervous posting this and so coming to find two lovely comments straight up has been lovely.

  3. Well done Becky on taking the steps you are beautiful no matter what remember.

    Thanks for linking up

  4. Thanks so much Trish. It can be hard to remember (or believe)

  5. I love this pic. I love the honesty. I love the strength of posting it even though you were feeling unsure. I feel excited for you; for the journey you are embarking on and for the love you will give to yourself ♥

  6. I agree with the others, always beautiful! Sometimes it’s hard to find the point where we feel comfortable and happy in out own skins! Yay for you going out and getting what you want 🙂

  7. I hope the public accountability works for you. I can’t wait to see that next photo. You are beautiful the way you are and it takes a lot of love for yourself to step out of your comfort zone and take better care of the most important person that is you!

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