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#29: Get a funky hair cut – DONE (?)

Am I the only person who never walks out of the hairdressers satisfied? There has only been one time, many years ago, where I walked out and felt good about what had been done to my hair. Of course, that feeling didn’t actually last long as I couldn’t possibly keep it the way the professionals had made it look. You know, all straight, shiny and nice.

When I decided to put ‘get a funky hair cut’ on my 30 Before 30 list I didn’t think about the fact that I’m never happy after a hair cut. I didn’t think about the fact that I don’t really like having short hair. Or that the shorter my hair the more unruly the curls. I was all excited by the inspiration I was pinning and totally thinking I would pull off a cute cut with some funky colouring.

I forgot all those things and, on Jasper’s first day of Day Care, went and had my hair done. The hairdresser and I talked about movies, my kids and how I hated my curls and she had always wanted them. I wanted my considerably thick hair thinned out a little, but mostly I wanted something fun.

At the end, there was the obligatory up sale questions about product and so I asked what she had put in my hair, thinking it would have been a leave in moisturizer or something only to have her say “I just scrunched through a curl definer.” As she showed me the product. I probably should have said something about how I’d just spent who knows how long telling her how much I hate the curl… Instead, I walked out thinking it.

I shopped and let the definer… define and when I got in the car I looked at myself for the first time and said, for the whole world to hear “I hate you.” I looked like a fat boy. Not because I think women with short hair look like boys, simply because I actually looked like one. Thankfully, the whole world, at that point in time was me and my rear view mirror and not my ever learning, all seeing, all hearing children.

But, that’s enough.

Just me, hearing those words, is enough.

My funky hair’s not so funky. And I actually don’t have much hair at the back, when she said she wouldn’t go too crazy with the razor on my hair, she lied. However, I am working on it. Little braids, little plaits, twists, twirls – I’m trying to make non funky, funky.

Funky hair cut, not funky,

And I am totally growing my hair out.

Have you had a haircut disaster?


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  1. I have similar hair to you, I think. Finally, I have learnt to stand up for myself at the hairdresser and tell them when I’m not happy. I’ve had a lot of disasters in my time, but I’m learning what works for my hair.

    I walked out of the hairdresser this morning completely happy with my short cut. A good hair straightener is essential for my hair too!

    Perhaps it’s time to break up with your hairdresser and find someone new? Someone who will listen to you?

  2. My hair is dead straight so I do not have the same curl issues that you might have but I think your hair is cute in the above pictures! I do a lost of twists and braids in my short hair- headbands are also awesome!

    I cut my hair off when I was 15 {after a sailing incident and my long plait got caught on some wire and before we could change directions again my friend had to saw cut some of my hair off with another piece of wire}- I have never grown it out past my shoulders. In fact usually it is above my ears. I personally love having it short- my hub has never seen me with real long hair but I know that he would like me to grow it out maybe at least once. Not sure I will though!

    I have had hair cut disasters though- not TOO many- but enough to be wary of where I get my hair cut in Japan and make sure I know how to explain myself before going. Mainly though in Japan I had a colour disaster! I wanted some foils but the bleach here is super strong and they don`t use toner so they went orange. Now I just keep my hair its natural colour and dye it when I am in Australia for a bit of a change.

    I have had some pretty funky hairstyles in the past though but am a lot tamer now that I have kids {ie, no bright red all over the place short hair with a blond fringe and dark brown/black underneath}.

    I have found though that I like the way I do my hair more than the way hairdressers do it and the way it looks when I leave- playing around with things yourself is the key!

  3. I used to be unhappy before I joined my new hairdressers. The old salon used to cut my hair the way THEY decided it would look best not how I wanted it. After moving I have got my faith back in hair stylists and love how my hairdresser (Jane) cuts my hair.

    Gemma Hedley

  4. Yes I’ve been there. I should say I’m still there. 1year ago I made an appointment with my hairstylist for a little trim and a couple subtle foils. I was very clear yet he proceeded to do Allover perm color which fried my already foiled hair. 18 inches of cool beige blond hair turned into this orange brown disaster. Wtf? I said blond subtle foils! He said it was a little warmth. Later told me my idea was not so good and he was doing what was in my best interests. Stupid f”$&@ moron. I went back to have him correct the color and it did nothing but fry my hair further. He then asked me if I wanted him to do the color a Third time. Wouldn’t that fry my hair?! No it will be fine. Of course I didn’t let him touch my hair again and left. He sent my boyfriend a text after I left the salon and said “GOOD LUCK her hair is fried!” He later emailed me and accused me of damaging my own hair. Can you believe this asshole?? This is one of the trendiest upscale expensive salons in Minneapolis. A year later and I am professionally and emotionally devastated by this creep. It will take at least another 2 years to get my normal healthy hair back. I understand your pain all too well. Tammy


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