{Guest Post} Am I In Favour of Competitions?

Today, the lovely Denyse of Denyse Whelan Education Specialist is talking competitions while I take a little break.

Thanks, Denyse!

Am I In Favour of Competitions?


I am asking a BIG question today.

Of me!
Am I In Favour of Competitions?
So, that puts me in the “on the fence” category, or in the grey area, or….in the middle?
Not really.
I am usually in favour of competitions when:
  • the competition is fair and equitable and that there are judgements made by those who are not directly linked to competitors
  • it is clear what the element of the competition is about (best, worst, high, low)
  • there are simple rules outlined for the competitors to ACCEPT or DECLINE
  • the entrants to the competition are roughly “on a level playing field”
  • the prize(s) for the winner(s) are appropriate to the level of the entrants, and the competition itself.
I am usually not in favour of competitions when:
  • the competition is a complicated mixture of directions for the competitors
  • those directions may include some or any of the following: ‘dressed’ ‘funny’ ‘popular’ ‘sweet’ ‘ugly’
  • the rules are vague with no clear meaning as to “how” the winner(s) will be selected
  • any or some or all of those  entering are coerced or exploited or flattered to become competitors
  • the prize(s) for the winner(s) are in the form of commercial contracts with fine print that may or may not be well-understood by the competitors.


Are you in favour of competitions?
Have you ever won a competition?
What did you have to do to win?
Have you organised a competition any time on a blog, or in the community?
How did it all go?
Thanks for having me over at your place Becky, I do hope that by asking this one question, I have not created a huge comment section. I’m Denyse from here:



  1. I’ve had a giveaway on my blog last month when I had to choose the best blog post based on my own personal opinion. Honestly, I’d much rather have a random draw. It makes it easier for people to enter and easier for me to pick a winner. But apparently it is not legally acceptable, so as much as I dislike it – if I want to have giveaways, I’ll have competitions, and how to make the rules clearer and more objective… I don’t know!

    • Hi Tat, I know what you mean! The blogging competitions are not as popular to run are they? The last one I did was via the new rules (under the dept of racing & gaming) was not fun for me. It is a shame. However I know that the reasons behind it is all about those who’ve complained I guess! Hence the reason for this post.

    • I would much rather choose the winner randomly. At the end of last year I had some great giveaways going, but found the choosing way too hard. Since then I’ve only run one. I love to do them, but sometimes it seems not really worth it!

  2. Competitions sometimes make me a little nervous when i’m the one running them. Especially if the prize is something everyone wants. It can bring out the best…or worse…in people, I’ve discovered…

    • Yup! Me too, Grace! I find it so weird that it’s not legal to run a random draw but you can pick. Who regulates your choice and the angry entrants? And, what about bias, as Denyse has raised. It can be hard to not want someone you like/know/read to win!

  3. I am planning on running my first giveaway shortly and I was unaware of the legalities until I looked into it. I would much rather run a random draw, but it looks like I would be wiser to run a competition. I plan to print the answers out, cut off the names and get my partner to choose the best one. Really important points to raise. Thanks.


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