{Guest Post} Surviving 3 Against 1

Today, we have Kirsty from My Home Truths popping over to talk about her week solo parenting.
Thanks so much, Kristy!

Surviving 3 Against 1

I recently spent a week solo parenting. It was 3 (my kids) against 1 (me). It was not at all pretty.

I felt like I was stranded on an island, much like on Survivor, and had to outwit, outplay and outlast my opponents (in this case my kids) in order to survive.

Looking back I’m not sure I did all that well…


Surviving Solo Parenting,


Actually, Survivor is quite an apt analogy for my week. Like Survivor, we had eating challenges (where I tried to get my son to eat something other than hot chips each night). And we had the obligatory sleepless night (all 3 kids took turns in coming into bed with me for at least part of each night over the week).

We had the reward challenge where I bribed my older two with McDonalds for dinner in order to get them to finish their school assignments on time. Yes, I am indeed mother of the year material!

And we can’t forget the endurance challenge where I managed to cater to their every little whim without resorting to a glass of wine every night. I’m proud of that little achievement, I have to be honest!

There were times I would have voted myself off the island if we were indeed on Survivor. But sadly we were not. Just to rub my nose in it that little bit more, Jeff Probst did not even make an appearance. Not even once.



But survive the week, I did. And I learned a few little lessons along the way.

It is okay to let the little things slide. You can’t maintain normal routine when your kids are missing their dad and you are missing your partner’s company and support.

You need to be kind to yourself and not beat yourself up for allowing the odd takeaway meal or letting the kids have a snuggle in bed. Pick your battles and save your energy for the ones worth the fight.

It is not a sign of weakness to ask for help if you are feeling overwhelmed. In fact you owe it to yourself and your kids to get the help you need to be the best parent you can be.

Even if you thought you were too busy to have missed your partner, you won’t be able to wipe that excited smile off your face when they walk through the door at the end of the week!

And, finally, comparing your life to a reality TV show is probably really sad – let’s put that one down to a sign of the mental strain you were under during solo parenting week, shall we?

Kirsty Russell is a working mother of 3 endlessly entertaining children,
two of whom have special needs. In between working, caring, organizing
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