Back from Nowhere

So, I am back. From where, I am not quite sure.

One minute, I was full of ideas and excited about the direction I thought I was about to take with the blog and the next, I was looking at a blank screen going “Meh.” It wasn’t until I’d gone a few days without the desire to post that I decided to officially consider it a break and asked for some guest posts to keep some life here.

Denyse from Denyse Whelan Education Specialist shared her thoughts on competitions and Kirsty from My Home Truths (I will soon link up to her I Must Confess linky) popped over to talk about her week solo parenting and how it compared to Survivor. (Thank you SO much, both of you!)

I thought posting those might lead me into breaking my bloggers block, yet a week still passed and I had no idea if or when I would come back. I gave myself permission to not worry about the fact that I wasn’t writing and waited it out.

I am still unsure exactly why there had to be a break. The last serious post I wrote, I did mention stepping back but I thought that just meant posting two times a week, not none at all.

I have wondered what I have to offer. How I can incorporate the new things I am loving here without it seeming… weird. There are shifts and changes happening. Some I can feel, some I am initiating, others simply are and I want to share them. I need to process them here, because that’s what I do. My brain feels full and bouncy due to not having spent the time purging. I am not even sure that It’s full of. Something of substance, I’m sure.

Just as I thought there might just be a few more weeks, or maybe even a month left of my break, I find myself here; with actual words filling a page. I’m just going to accept it and go forward instead of question it and drive myself crazy.

So, here I am. Back from Nowhere and unsure of where I am going.

I just hope you remember who I am. You do, right?


  1. You are unforgettable my dear! Welcome back 🙂

  2. I think we all go through periods of ‘can I be bothered’ and I really hope you carry on! I had that feeling a few months ago after my wedding and then suddenly everything took off and its been the best experience ever!! 🙂 *hugs*

  3. Of course we do. Good luck with the changes. I know that when you come out the other side it’ll be just where you need to be. I hope it’s wonderful. I know it will be.

  4. I’m glad you’re back Becky! I think this is your space so have the courage to write what you like and take the blog in the direction you want to take it. I hope you can get all that substance out in a way that helps you get back into the rhythm of blogging. BTW I would love to see you linking up with a confession someday… 🙂

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