iInduced Laziness

I love my iPhone and I love my iPad, when I can get my hands on it.

My phone, in particular, makes life a whole lot easier.

Something I have noticed of late, however, is my apparent lack of ability to go from writing on the iPhone, where my words are corrected (even when I don’t want them to be), to typing on the Mac. I find myself mashing keys and then wondering why what is staring back at me is not at all what it’s meant to be.

For example;

– I lobe tou/uou/yiu is I love you.
– I never actually type ‘I’ it’s always o
– Kanes is James

I often do not use vowels or I use too many, ending many ‘words’ with eee. It rarely matters, so long as I hit a letter or two near the ones I want and auto correct does it’s work. But, then I sit down here, mash about and end up with gobbledygook.

And then there’s punctuation. Oh, the punctuation. As a punctuation lover, it has been somewhat freeing to not have to worry about most capital letters or apostrophes. I simply put in what I want to say and they magically appear in the right places. So, I go about, writing whole sentences before I realise it’s horribly flawed and looks a little like this;

a tefribl mess of its and os that are menat to be the letter i. its hard to figueaw out exactlee what im saying abs not eveb o know whats going on

It is particularly noticeable after a break from the laptop, when I’ve been doing everything on the phone, it is decidedly hard to break and utterly frustrating. It’s not as if I don’t touch type and yet here I am mashing at keys, hitting all the wrong letters and thinking my mistakes should be being fixed as I go along. Just not by me. Because, obviously, I am too busy and important to have to deal with such things.

I’ll just put my electronic assistant onto it, thankyouverymuch.

What about you, do you suffer from iInduced laziness?


  1. I so hear you! I just noticed today, when I was working on my lap-top after a few days away from it. My touch typing was SHITE. My try to use the laptop more often…

  2. I have thought the exact same thing! Though I have noticed that when I type in open office it auto corrects for me as well which is nice but still doesn’t do the same job as the ipad auto correct

  3. I work on my comp most of the time so not really. Actually I get more pissed off by the words changed automatically when I’m using the iPad or phone! #damnyouautocorrect haha

    Sakura Haruka

  4. Yes! My typing is hidesou today. I’m going to type this ant not fix antyhgin just to show you. Why haven;t they done autocorrtect for computers yet?

  5. hehe I type so fast my fingers trip over themselves – specially when Im in the zone!

  6. I use Word Doc when I first draft a post and that autocorrect is friggin’ annoying. Red lines everywhere! Especially as it’s set to American English…ugh! Must fix that !

  7. Indeed Becky, I suffer too … but a willing sufferer who loves my iProducts!


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