Finding Myself in the Process

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When I started my art journaling journey, I just wanted to make pretty pages like the ones I spend too much time drooling over on Pinterest. And, while knowing I do not have a single arty bone in my body I decided to jump right in. It’s only now, that I a benefiting and learning and growing through the experience that I realise it was certainly not a sudden belief that I was about to become some amazing artist with gorgeous spreads but that it was a way to meeting needs I didn’t even know I had.

While I was once simply hoping to make something that looked appealing, now, I lose myself in the process. In the layers. In the learning and sharing.

Art Journaling, Book of Days, It's about the process

Where once I would wonder what the point of putting down paint, tape, shapes that were only going to be covered up, now I revel in building the layers. With the layers comes calm. Or clarity. Or release. And, sometimes even answers.

And sometimes, it’s just fun. A bit of mess and record keeping.

Book of Days, Art Journaling, it's about the process

On Saturday, we made a day trip to the Mudgee Field Days. It was a horror getting there. It was muddy. I was surrounded by people I didn’t fit in with. It was cold. None of the things I wanted to do happened. I didn’t even get an ice cream. When we came home, I sat down at my desk, cranky, dejected and feeling less than important.

I was going to make a mess. Get all my frustrations out on the page and probably end it with a snide comment/quote.

And, while I started with some big, brash numbers indicating the HOURS upon hours I spent being miserable, it soon took a different direction.

Art Journaling, Book of Days

As much as I am learning through the the process of doing, I am also learning through the process of being.

Being a part of Book Of Days*, being a part of the Sisterhood, it has opened me up to so much. At 29, I am still discovering myself and through this programme I have been given a place to explore, share, grow and be alongside my sisters and Effy, who are doing just the same as me; being human, being open, making mistakes and moving forward.

Book of Days, Art Journaling, finding myself in the process

One of the most amazing things about the group at large is the generosity, the love. I recently won a place in the Premium Programme and it has given me a chance to start working through Effy’s Soulistry prompts, which has been amazing. It’s helping me know myself in a way I never have before and it’s cementing what I believe. And one of my sisters made that possible for me.

When I feel down or when I need to know there is someone on my side, I go to the FB group. I ask for what I need, whether it be prayers or words or simply to fill my cup with the art that is being shared and I know that there are women in other countries offering me the support I ask for. I can feel it.

book of days, art journaling, process,

While we are all of different backgrounds, different beliefs and different life stories we all come together, offering support and raising one voice when asked. It’s the most spiritually alive I have ever been, and the most connected I’ve ever felt to a group. Had I felt like this in a Church, I could never have left.

We’re all different and I love that.

book of days, art journaling, process

I love what I am becoming. Calmer. Happier. Awakened. More tolerant. More open.

And maybe just a little arty (a very tiny smidge).

Who knew what a little paint could do?


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  1. It looks beautiful Becky, how great that you can get so much out of it. I think you’re definitely a bit arty (and maybe even more than a tiny smidge.)

    • Thank you. I honestly didn’t expect to gain so much, I just wanted to make pretty things!

  2. I love how the layers built up to produce the result. You are very talented, and obviously have a good eye. Enjoy your journey 🙂

    • Thank you, BossyMummy, for your lovely comment and for stopping by.

  3. I love to read about such a positive process that you are working through Becky. And to see women working together in a way that is so supportive and nurturing… well it restores my faith in the sisterhood. What a lovely post.

    • That’s right, it’s more than just the art – it’s the group of women I’ve come to trust and love and admire that makes it such an amazing experience.

  4. Looks pretty artistic to me! I’m impressed. So glad that the process has also been so therapeutic for you. Great to see.

    • Thank you, Julie!

  5. Loved this: “It’s the most spiritually alive I have ever been, and the most connected I’ve ever felt to a group. Had I felt like this in a Church, I could never have left.”

    So true.

    • Thank you Rachel!

  6. Ohhh Becky – I do love this…. another thing I must make time for. And I think you are super arty and very inspirational. Thank you x

    • I can’t wait to see you taking the time to do some journaling, Carly!

  7. wow!! beautiful.. I love it!! such a different side of you!

    • Thanks Yvette, I read your comment and thought even more about the fact that I never, in a million years, imagines myself doing something like this and enjoying it and being passionate, but mostly I never imagined how a little decision to fling some paint would change me.

  8. Ahhh a creative soul after my own heart. The process is the thig. And thank you for your lovely comment on my sugarbirdart blog 🙂

    • I never understood that, until I was in the process and the moment. Thank you for popping by!

  9. That is very similar to my own experience, not with just journaling, but art in general. I started just for fun, doing different programs here and there, and just in the last couple of weeks I’ve realised that art and craft is now how I process the world around me. I love your pages!

    • I have noticed you are very arty. It’s an amazing journey to take! I love keeping up with what you’re learning, too.

  10. how lovely. What an inspiration and just so crafty and so creative x

    • Thank you Tahlia x

  11. HI Becky, just read this post plus some of your others…found you on Book of Days facebook. I love your blog “voice” it’s really fun to read. I gather you’re in Oz somewhere, I’m in Byron Bay, where are you? I’m just in love with art journaling at the moment, it makes me totally HAPPY!

    • Hi Alison, thanks for dropping by! I’ve been reading your blog and loving your spreads – especially the delicious backgrounds you create!
      Thank you for your lovely comment!

  12. Sounds like a wonderful journey to be on. Thank you for sharing it with us. And yes I think you may be right about getting a little bit arty out of it, I loved the pictures

    Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses #teamIBOT

    • Thanks! I love hearing that people enjoy looking at what I have created. It gives me a bit of a contented tingle!

  13. Oh Becky! What a wonderfully put homage to the Sisterhood! You are so right, and you’ve come so far! Thank you for sharing this….I loved reading it so much, I’m off to paint in my art journal. LOL!

    • Thank YOU, Sarah! xx

  14. You are incredibly arty; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!
    I’m so glad you have found an outlet for those negative feelings. It’s incredibly important.

    • Naww, thanks Jess. It is important. The difference it makes to all the ‘noise’ and negativity in my head is amazing.

  15. Absolutely love this becky – I am starting to play with art journaling myself and painting backgrounds etc – love what you have created

    • That’s so exciting, Deb! I have noticed you collecting some gorgeous art journaling pins lately. I hope you will share some or your journey with us x

  16. it’s very nice. i love the look of altered books 🙂

    • Thank you, Lucy. I love the look of altered books, too. I wasn’t convinced I could pull it off, myself, but it seems to be working out.

  17. So clearly written from the heart! Loved this post about your journey with the Sisterhood and the peace (and FUN) it’s brought you. ~ from a fellow sister xo

    • Thank you Vicki for dropping by and for leaving this lovely comment. The Sisterhood is so much more than I ever imagined it would be x


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