Loving Right Now #1

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Through out my week I flit in and out of the blogosphere, facebook, twitter, Book of Days and, of course, Pinterest. I grab a moment here, a moment there, mostly on my phone when my children are asleep or playing nicely together and do not need or want my help.

I always intend to remember and share things I read, see or watch which really resonate with me, but then I am called away or fall asleep and completely forget.

So, I thought I would keep a running post in my drafts to share.

Loving This Week;

This post on Maxabella Loves about Vaginas. She’s actually making a really important point and has got me thinking about how I will go about making my girls proud of their bodies.

The brilliant idea, shared over on Melissa Writes, of planning her own writing retreat.

Catching up on Effy Wild gorgeousness like this (see more videos here);


Suger putting how I am feeling about my social live vs my ‘social media life’ into words.

Beautiful pink sunsets

Sunshine. For warming bodies, outside play and drying clothes.

Perfect Pearls. New supplies for my Book of Days make me very happy and I know, for a fact, that these babies are on their way to me right now!

Moments. Like this;

Siblings, Children Holding Hands

What are you loving right now?

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  1. Thanks for sharing those links Becky…some great reads there! That photo of your babies holding hands is just adorable!! I remember my own children doing that…until they got older and decided that hitting each other was a much better idea. sigh.

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