Tides of Change

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I thought I had a lot of time to write this post. More time to figure out what I was thinking and to see the people who should have been told in person.

But, time’s a funny thing.

One day, you’re impatiently waiting for a decision to be reached, thinking it is taking TOO much time to nut out the bit and pieces and then you turn around and you’re days away from a major life change and you’ve told next to no-one.

Tomorrow is James’ last day at his job here.

He put in his resignation last Thursday and now, here we are, on the cusp of a brand new adventure.

While, all I wanted since bringing our first baby home almost 5 years ago (5 years!), was to be here near my family, surrounded and supported by the village now, it’s time to move on.

Yes, we’re finally where I wanted to be, but things haven’t been what I expected. At all. I may have complained. I may have complained here and there. We’ve had losses. Changes in our relationship. We’ve done what people do, entertained, put on barbeques, held cards nights and there’s been loneliness. There have been highs and lows.

There was just something making me wonder if we should go, and so we started talking about it. Around and around we went. No decisions, no real answers, just more questions.

I sat down at my desk and wrote out what we’d been talking about, my questions, the pros and cons. I ripped up maps of the areas we were talking about and let myself process.

Art Journaling, Book of Days, Processing through art

Though I didn’t find any answers, I was able to feel more relaxed and stopped worrying.

The next thing you know, James called me to let me know he’d been offered a job. More specifically, he had been offered a job by his previous boss. There were talks, between him and James and James and I. There was a meeting, some negotiations and a decision.

Then we were back in the go-slow part of it all.

And then, it became tomorrow.

During August we have things to get done and then James will start work on the Coast in September, leaving us behind until we can follow in October. During that month, James will work 4 days a week so he is able to travel to us (or us to him) and I will be solo parenting, which is why I mentioned yesterday that I will be deserving a weekend away sooner rather than later.

I don’t know what I am thinking or feeling. Relieved, happy, stressed, confused, sad. I do think it’s for the best. It just seems so much to get my head around.

Have you ever had a sea change?
Or a tree change which led to a sea change?


  1. I really wish you guys all the best. We had a tree change, we bought a 75 farm with a shed to live in, and we have been here for 4 years while owner building our house! It has been hard, and we were fearful of the unknown, but we love it. Dive in and be amazed at what you will find xx

    • Thank you! My husband talks about living in a shed and building. I think it’s a dream of his, but it makes me nervous!

  2. Good luck with the changes and the new adventure ahead. I have had a few major moves and whilst they didnt all go to plan, each one has helped to shape me into what I hope is a better me. Enjoy the adventure 🙂

    • Thank Del. It seems things rarely go to plan and I hope to embrace that thought and just go with it!

  3. Sounds like an exciting adventure! Where about’s on the coast will you be moving to?

    • I hope it will be exciting, the more I think about it the more nervous I get, but I’m like that.

  4. I did the sea change 3 days after my daughter was born, I didn’t want her growing up in the city! It took a while to make new friends, but I wouldn’t move for anything now! Where are you moving to?

    • Oh, wow! I could never have gotten myself together 3 days after giving birth! I was too busy being emotional. You are amazing.

  5. We have just had a sea change. We moved in January of this year. And although it was a move for better work prospects it brought us closer to family. It was hard work. I too had to go without my man for just over a month. I was almost at breaking point nearing the end but it was all worth it! Once we flew over to our new home and met Daddy at the airport it got exciting. Really exciting!!

    • I’m glad to hear it was worth it. I fear I will reach breaking point. Maybe BEFORE he even starts given that he’ll be home for all of August… hehe.

  6. Ive had an enormous sea change and While I’ve found it hard to adjust the same foundations are there as theynwere in my old life – it just takes time for them to become familiar to you again. You may feel loneliness or all the other things that unfamiliarity brings but it will also be softened by many things, especially the amazing new people you will meet. People make the world go round, and thank god they’re everywhere. X

    • Thank you. I needed this! I want it all to be perfect and better straight away and I get caught up in that, but really, I have to know that it takes time!

  7. It’s always hard to figure out how to deal with changes. Even though sometimes you know theoretically they’re good for you or your family, you can’t help but feel overwhelmed or wonder what’s in store.
    From past experiences, I’ve found that the changes that I’ve dreaded the most, have turned out to offer the best opportunities ever.
    Wishing you and your family all the very best in this next chapter x

    • Yes. This. I know and yet I don’t. The closer it gets the more I know it’s for the best and yet the more I am anxious.
      You are a very wise woman, Grace, thank you x

  8. Good luck and all the best with the move. And well done for trying the solo parenting for a little while until you can all move. I personally love change. I would love to make a big move, but unfortunately due to custody issues I am unable to. All the best xx

    • Thank you Chrissie. I love the idea of change, or at least, the positives it may bring.


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