Loving Right Now #2

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I love loving stuff. I love sharing stuff.

This week I’m loving;

Motivation, as provided by Tina’s recent post about 22 in 22. I’ve linked up my mum and we’re going to join in.

The Olympics. Possibly because James has ‘The Fever’ and I’ve had no choice but to watch.

My Funnies board on Pinterest. When things are a bit stressful, I open it up and have a laugh. This is my favourite right now;

Seeing that my nan, who has been in hospital, is doing better and is on the road to recovery.

Having James home to snuggle whenever I need to.

Twinkling H20’s. I have a problem, seriously;

Twinkling H20s

What are you loving?



  1. I’m loving that you and your mum are joining me 🙂 Thanks for the link love x

  2. I don’t see any problem at all with your Twinkling H2O addiction! lol. I had a serious giggle over that velociraptor meme!!

  3. I’m loving that I no longer have morning sickness all the time. Something I wouldn’t have even noticed 7 months ago, but now it makes me so happy!

  4. I’m loving the gorgeous images you always find for your blogs! I’m also loving the feeling of the sun on my back as I watch the kids play during the day. I don’t know why but there’s something about being warmed up by sun (as opposed to the car heater or more clothes) that always me smile!

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