What’s with belly button fluff?

Have you ever wondered what the deal is with belly button fluff? I actually thought it was a myth until I married James! Now, I sometimes find myself pondering the reason for it. I didn’t even understand where it came from until he explained. I mean, seriously. How embarrassing.

While we’re on random stuff found in or on your body, have you ever found glitter in your ear? It’s so true that glitter gets everywhere. We’ve been out of the stuff for at least a few weeks now, but James was still sporting a green speck when we went to Penrith on the weekend and I had some in my ear the other day. How it got there, I have no idea.

Have you ever found glitter in a funny place?
What’s the deal with belly button fluff, anyway?


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  1. I never have belly button fluff, but my hubby does! It must have something to do with his hairy belly? Strange stuff indeed…

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