She’s 5

Yesterday I took some photos of my Ellie Belly. Her last afternoon as a four year old. How is it that I am even saying that? I swear it was only yesterday that I was almost 42 weeks pregnant, walking up and down, round and round trying to get my stubborn bubba to vacate my over-this-pregnancy uterus.

In those early days and weeks, when I was getting used to the whole mum deal and didn’t know I was struggling with PND, when my baby woke hourly and had colic and reflux and I felt like a complete mess, I thought the days were SO LONG. And the nights were even longer.

And then, somehow, those long nights sped up and years passed.

All too quickly.

I wish I could go back and soak so much more of her in, spend even more time just being together, stop wishing the time away and enjoy holding her  – even if it was 2am in the morning and I’d been up six times that night already.

Since I can’t go back, I’ve just been holding her a bit tighter and making sure we’re playing and talking more.

But, five? Really??


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  1. Aww happy birthday to the little sweetie! 🙂 Gorgeous pics!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. They grow up so fast. Happy birthday to your little poppet. Hope she has a wonderful day

  3. She is gorgeous, She has grow so much.
    I hope she had a wonderful birthday.
    I Can’t believe it’s been 5 years already, well almost 5 for jaxen. 🙂

    Happy Birthday Beautiful girl!

  4. What a gorgeous little girl you have! Wishing her the very best for her special day. Before you know it, she’ll be a teenager! Cherish every moment.

  5. She’s such a cutie. Happy Birthday to your little girl 🙂 and yes, they do grow up waaayyyy too fast… my little girl is 5 aswell

  6. Where does that time go?
    Happy birthday to your beautiful girl. She has incredible eyes.

  7. She is gorgeous!! Happy birthday. Rachel x

  8. Yeah, time sure flies when you least expect it. Happy Birthday to your little girl. I know how it feels having seen my first born, who is now…10! Eeek!

  9. so so true. people are up me for giving my 2yr old a bottle at night but i love the cuddles

  10. Awww they grow up too fast!! She is such a cutie!


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