Throwing a Party the Becky and James Way

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On Saturday Ellie had her fifth birthday party; a cards night, as requested by her royal fiveness. We started with afternoon tea and led into an evening of cards and it was so completely perfect, even if there was no children there other than my own. It was only a smallish affair, with my family and some friends.

At the end of last year I admitted that I am not the one who bakes and decorates our children’s birthday cakes and now, I am here to admit that the person who made my daughter’s party everything she wanted and more was. not. me. Again, James does it better. I guess I will just have to find ‘my thing’.

Until then, I thought I would share how I saw Ellie’s party coming together James-style;

1. Have a Vision, Make a list and Stock up – While the children where at Day Care last week we popped down to Costco and bought too much of basically everything on our party list before heading to a few different stores to purchase the ‘right’ things to fulfill what James wanted to pull off.

2. Make a Plan but be flexible – For important things, like the cupcake placement and the Happy Birthday board underneath our (non-alcoholic) Jelly shots, James got out a piece of paper and did some brainstorming first. He nutted some of it out and then went ahead and did what worked.

3. Set the Table with plenty of time – James sent us all out and set the table. He laid out a white table cloth and ran some princess ribbon (yay Costco) as a border before placing all the bowls and such, knowing what he would be putting in each one when it got closer to party time.

4. Be Prepared – Having plenty of time to get the essentials done is important to a stress free party, James did this by sending the children, Nanna and I out to give him the piece and quiet he needed.

5. Pay attention to Detail – This is absolutely what made the party. The little bits that tied it all together. From the colour coordination of the chips (plain chips in blue bowls and salt and vinegar in the pink) to make it easy to choose the ones you like…

to the princess border on the table…

and the alternate colours on the cupcakes (sprinkles and butterflies), perfect placement of the different flavoured cupcakes and right down to the patty pan colours…

to the jelly shot layers and everything else you could imagine thinking about. Princess ribbon on the toothpick container.  Apparently he even ironed the new table cloth.

Honestly, he has a talent. Had I put it all together, it would have been OK. Food would have been on the table, there may or may not have been a table cloth underneath it. It would have been fine, but it wouldn’t have been this lovely. I am grateful that my babies get to have this through their dad, given my lack of ability. And I love how excited and focused James gets when he’s planning something special for those he loves.

What are your tips for throwing a good party?


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  1. Wow! He did an amazing job – definitely an eye for detail (something I certainly lack!!).

  2. man definitely does have talent there!!

    looks awesome x


  3. what a fabulous party!!! Gorgeous items and theme!!!!!!

    Love it!!!

  4. That is incredible! You are very lucky to have such a dedicated man. Boatman is a wonderful dad, but if he was planning a party, the kids would be out on the boat fishing with a bag of chips! 😉

  5. Awesome work there james – and i am sure you will find your things too (my hubby is the well loved cook here so I am used to people swooning over talents that they normally expect from me LOL) – they don’t go to him for organising advice ; )

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